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2nd edition arrives


Heroka Vendile:

FF's announcement blurb

Coming sometime in autumn.

If I do say so myself, that is a sexy cover, somewhat in the vein of GW recent full-cover artworks on the Codexes and Army Books.

The book has been out in a while now, has anyone had a chance to play a game with the 2nd edition yet? If so, how did you like it?

As far as I can understand from the various RPG-specific forums around the interweb, reception has been, ehr, mixed. There's been a lot of complaint on the combat system, but most seem positive about the character creation part. I'm interested in hearing some opinions from people like your esteemed selves, who play Inquisitor (a relative rpg-light system) on a frequent basis.
So if anyone have a penny or two to spare about the book feel free to share them, it would be most welcome.

...Also, would the game work with miniatures? I run my D&D games with minis, but have yet to take the plunge in a 40k setting (despite owning tons of the things!).


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