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Ancient Rites - Inquisitor Jerichos Account

Started by greenstuff_gav, May 04, 2014, 08:56:01 PM

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The shuttle landed gracefully on the platform; almost tenderly and implying a grace from its pilot.
"O'shi. Au B'kor se'ph'an." The lank blue-skinned pilot reported to the Inquisitor stood behind him.
"Yeld'i'au." Helena Jericho managed. The Tau language was providing her with difficulty. "Thank you. return to the ship and we will contact you soon."

The Void Pirates had been causing all manner of trouble on Koroneia and thankfully one of the higher-ranked pirates had looked to defect to the Inquisition and she had managed to convince other members of the Inquisition that she was best equipped to deal with the local Eldar population.

Helena and her entourage infiltrated toward the tower Mad Martigan had arranged to meet at.

Meanwhile Khisanith, an Exodite sniper, scaled the side of a building to scope out the meeting area.

As the Inquisitorial detachment advanced Helena spotted Martigan being approached from two sides and shouted a warning
"I am the Imperial Inquisition! You are in danger!"
The pirate, not taking heed, followed an approaching group.

As the group surrounded the pirate the snap of a rifle round echoed across the area and Martigans' head exploded in a fountain of gore!

As Helena approached a pilot appeared and intercepted the Inquisitor
"Quickly! The sniper is getting away!"

Khisanith, having seen the target die, began scanning the buildings with her infra-scope.
Spotting a heat-signature atop of a building she focused and put a round through the leg off an imperial guardsman aiming down into the group below

As the Inquisitor headed toward the building Khisanith ducked as the assassin returned fire.
As she ducked for cover the guardman threw himself over the edge of the ruin, scrambling toward the floor.
Khisanith grunted and used her infra-scope to follow the heat signature.
As she lined up another shot she heard someone moving on the floor below her
"Hi! Could you keep it down please? I am trying to concentrate!" she called out while lining up another shot.

Helena, hearing the gunfire grinned at the pilot. "Sounds like my associate has him in hand!"
She pointed toward Kal and Kais. "Go! don't let him get away!"
As Kal and Kais moved in on the sniper they were unprepared when one of the mercenaries approached from the side and shot the reeling assassin in the face!

As Helena stormed toward the body the group of mercenaries melted into the shadows and the Rogue Trader approached...

Careful work had uncovered disturbing news; members of the local Imperial Guard regiment were in the employ of the void pirates.
Thankfully careful questioning had lead to Sergeant Kean of the Koronein Imperial Guard who had been collecting evidence of Pirate Ripgut Raddens' infiltration.

As the team traveled toward a safe-house their rhino was disabled by a roaming Exodite band.
The team disembarked Helena pointed forward. "We go on foot. the safe-house isn't far."

As Khisanith infiltrated a forest, being familiar to her homeworld, she encountered a priest, alone amongst the trees.
"heya! What are you doing out here?!" she exclaimed.
"Um. Nothing?" he stammered.
"Okay then. shoo! we are working here!" she gestured, shooing the solitary priest away.

As Khisanith and Kal advanced they encountered another lone figure; a Tech Priest.

"What are you doing out here?" Khisanith smiled and waved at the figure
"Hey. um. do you mind if i tend to your Rhino?" the mechanicus  inquired.
Khisanith shrugged. "isn't my rhino."

Meanwhile as the rest of the crew advanced bedlam ensured;
a figure on top of a tower opened fire at the mechanicus and an armoured Inquisitor pelted the crew with bolt-rounds, knocking Kal off his feet.

Kais returned fire, pulse rounds smashing into the doorway opposite while Sgt Kean sprinted for cover flanked by Khisanith.
Helena dashed toward Kal while the gunslinger patched himself up and the pair dashed to follow the Sarge out of the firefight.

While Kais and Kal transported Kean for extraction Helena and Khisanith joined an impromptu assault on an excavation site; the Void Pirates had been attempting to power up a recently discovered webway gate.
While the Pirates had planned on utilise the portal for their own gain, if returned to full power could have disastrous consequences!
It did have the advantage of drawing the corrupted PDF to the site in one location!

While Helena moved alongside the repaired rhino, Knhisanith leveled her rifle and carefully put a round through a trooper wielding a missile launchers head!

While the rest of the contingent advanced carefully, weapons fire launching from either side Khisanith took the opportunity to continue her attacks on the rebels, sniper fire downing fighters effortlessly.

Helena, spotting the guard falling back, waved Khisanith onwards; they would push their advantage

As they approached the gates there was an explosion; Inquisitor Cortez had jammed the rhinos throttle, aiming it for the warp-gate!
However a figure had shimmered into view and the Wraithguard had blasted the rhinos tracks, sending the vehicle powering into a promethium dump!

Khisanith, calmly walking around raining fire and pieces of metal and meat, raised her eye-brows as she stepped up to a warlock of the Biel-tan.

"Lavasa's dakasa'r saai Sierannkerunkhisanith. khsa'sankelh edsam sa's on'sor? Na edsam rei ual dol'oag thara?"
"Thsa's sa's shemash sercambelach na sa'em wsa'll reclasa'm ash'sh" the warlock responded, clearly unimpressed by the naive-native-girl and stepped away.
As Khisanith pouted non-plussed one of the mercenaries stepped toward the pair and opened fire with a storm bolter!
While the warlock seemed to not notice the interruption Khisanith leveled her rifle and a shot impacted with the diminutive warriors leg, sending him leaping for cover.

While the battle raged on the team managed to mop up the remained of the void pirates as negotiations began with the local Exodites and ambassador from Biel-tan...
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