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After starting by two other paintin blogs (underhive scum and imperial NPCs), it's time for me to actually begin work on some more prominent characters - mainly agents of the Ordos themselves!

First up is a remake of my old friend's inquisitor - Inquisitor Lucypher Sagrado of the Ordo Malleus.
The original  incarnation of this model was a straight out the packet Covenant, painted with blue armour, and black greatcoat.
Needless to say, this model did not stand the test of time, and as I am recreating old models, I thought I would give him the love he deserves.

The character fell cleanly into the archtype of "self-righteous-knight-paladin"
So I decided the old greatcoat wouldn't do, and went for a more fully armoured close combat "knightly" look to him:

Wanting to keep the general pose from Covenant and keeping his power falchion to tie him to the old incarnation, I went for a new head courtesy of mr. Jericho, and legs from the Magus - these work great on the Covenant body too by the way!

Opting out of the combat shotgun, I filed it away to keep the iconic book from Covenant and gave him a laspistol as his only ranged weapon.

Following this, it was time to get rid of all things "chaos-y" and begin a bit of greenstuff work:

thoughts/comments are welcome!

Heroka Vendile:
A Kal Jerico head and Mynarc legs, rare parts to find these days.
Looks like a promising model, as you say he's fairly standard for the archetype, but there's nothing wrong with that. That said while I've seen few, I've haven't seen that many imperial uses of Mynarcs legs over the years, he so should be quite distinctive all the same.

Van Helser:
Looks like a badass. I am sure I have a Mynarc lying around. I will have to try the combination with Covenant's torso. Always amazes me that there are new combinations of parts still cropping up these days. I look forward to seeing him painted.


Many thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I actually have quite a large resource of rare bits and bobs all stored up over the years.
I was away from the UK for a few years but it didn't stop me keeping an eye on eBay!

Yes as for the archetype, this comes from the days when me and my firends first started Inquisitor - from day one really - so our conceptualising of characters wasn't quite as varied as it could have been.
That said, we had great games and found each Inquisitor reflected ourselves in some way - this inquisitor is the typical proud and self-confident knight-paladin you would expect.

as for using the Mynarc legs on an imperial agent, it actually works out pretty good, once you get rid of the chaos arrows and spikey bits. The skull on his knee and waist actually fit in with the Ordo Malleus aesthetic quite well.

As for getting some paint on him, progress has been made.
I am keeping close ties to my friend's original colour scheme, to hopefully see this as a reinvention of the old character with a bit more thought on distinctiveness.

Comments welcome!

More of an update on the paintjob.

started to fill in details of the gold and trim.

I am going to really uplight the armour to give it a bit more pop and a glint, and also work on dulling the gold down a bit to make it a bit more baroque.

After a bit more time working on the colour of his armour and detailing him a bit more, he is starting to take shape.

next up is the difficult part of doing the sword.
I am looking for an ice/crystal look to it.

any suggestions or painting tips to get a "NMM" crystal/ice effect? - something like this:

many thanks and comments welcome!


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