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My Agents of the Inquisition

Started by seaglen, August 22, 2014, 10:47:16 PM

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Thanks for the feedback!

The original incarnation of this character had black hair, and a rather tanned face (using covenants head - he looked quite "samurai-esc")

However, to pay a little homage to my friend who's inquisitor this is based off, I am going for the blonde hair.
You're right about the darker hair framing the face nicely - any suggestions for skin tones to match the model?

Van Helser

Blond tends to go with pale, but there are certain aboriginal and polynesian tribes that have dark skin and blond hair (Nabbed this picture off google as an example.). The contrast could work well on a miniature.


renegade thor

if you are still looking for a way to paint a ice blade effect  go to and look for the lester bursley space wolf tutorial or go on you tube and type in .....How to paint Space Wolves 13th Great Company Space Marine by Lester Bursley and it will bring it straight up .i found it very use full as was quick efective and very eye catching
question the heretic, beat the heretic, burn the heretic , kill the heretic ,dispose of the heretic and have a coffee to relax


Aha yes! - great little tutorial.

it seems the single light transgression (rather than the two-shimmer I tried) looks better.

Is this possible without an airbruush?? I'd love to get one, but really am happy working with normal brushes right now.


After having a little play last night, I managed to get a bit better at the sword:

I am still unhappy with the result however - I'm not sure what's lacking but it still looks off...

Maybe its just the use of a brush and not airbrush that is giving me a little less "sheen"?
I will still try to optimise the colours to give me a more icy look.

I've also done a little more to the base. I'm always happy when I get to the point of basing a miniature, as they really start to look more completed.

There is still a lot to do on this guy at the moment, but doing the base is a nice distraction from the hair/face/bags areas I've neglected!

Van Helser

That sword really is coming on leaps and bounds. I would be tempted to add a couple of splashes of colour to the base. Perhaps bright orange rust?



Yes a bit of rust may be a good idea.
The drain actually has an imperial eagle design that runs down the "bars" - I was unsure to do this in gold.
The Imperium is known to venerate the Emperor, but gilding the drain covers? is that too far?

Thanks for the feedback about the sword - I think I just have to get the right amount of dark-to-light and mid blue correct..


Ok, time for a slight update to the inquisitor:

I have now started popping more highlights onto bags/pouches and the book on his back:

(a few slight splashes of colour where they shouldn't be - these will be tidied up!)

And on to the main update - the hair. I've gone for a blonde colour - it's not quite finished, but I am really looking for feedback about the colour.

Is it too light/fake/yellow? - anyone have some suggestions about ow to get a better colour for the blonde? I was thinking a brown/yellow wash with some more bone coloured highlights?
Help/advice would be appreciated!

I've also lightened the skin a tad - this still needs a few washes to blend the colours and to get the face looking better.

Van Helser

Don't be scared of making the highlights too bright for both the hair and face. For a platinum blond, going all the way up to pure white for the extreme highlights. I would wash before proceeding to really add shadows to the recesses.

The backpack and details are looking good too.



Thanks for the feedback.

I've popped a bit more highlights into the hair and cleaned up a few more details:

I also cleaned up the purity seal with the intention of adding writing - a little wary of adding this as it may ruin the colouration!

I've also began shading the face, but this will take some time to get right I feel...

Following this, I added the red lenses for the shoulder auspex (or whatever it's meant to be), getting a nice blend on them:

thoughts and comment very welcome!
(I am already aware of the brown paint splash near the bags on his shoulder guard that needs a blue touch-up!)

EDIT: just threw some effects on this guy for fun:

The more I look at the white sword, the more a pale colouration is growing on me - I will strip that spare tonight and see if I can find a nice balance of NMM and crisp icyness that I will go with...


I reckon you're almost there with the sword if you mirror both sides down its length. Maybe varnish it quite heavily as well.


Huge thread necromancy!

So as I am getting back into the swing of things hobby-wise, I am getting back to actually restoring my Inquisitorial agents.

As far as the Inquisitor above goes, I have had him sitting on a shelf for a while, with the sword still left unpainted!! - hopefully by next week I will feel brave enough to actually finish it off.

on another note, I am currently working on a reimagination of my other friends Inquisitor character...

(much like the blue-clad guy above was the main character from one friend's warbands, this next guy is the main character from a second friend. Long story short, we were a group of four school friends who got into Inquisitor as soon as it came out all those years ago, and since then have kept in touch through our adult lives. I am planning on recreating each friend's inquisitors and characters - with tweaks and reimaginations of the archtypes/aesthetics etc. The blue guy above is one friend's reinvention of his character, and the guy below will be the second guy's main character).


Beautiful! Despite there being a finite and dwindling number of Inq bits in circulation, people are still coming up with combinations I've not seen before. A nice clean and crisp paintjob too - I like that you can see your own skills progress with blending with the subsequent images of the frostblade.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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Yes it's really nice to recreate these models but with the painting skills i Have nowadays compared to what they were like back then!

My second friend's character was a fallen inquisitor - a psyker and all-rounder.

He was based off of the Eisenhorn model, with both hands swapped out for pistols, and a Keeper of Secrest's sword on his back. I actually managed to get the original from my mate for reference! -

As you can see, the painting style from back then was very different from today! - I do plan on keeping the same colour scheme and ideas from my friend's original character in homage to it...

I have tweaked the loadout and idea behind the model, making him a fallen interrogator who has completely embraced Slaneesh and let his ego and ambition get the better of him. He still has a pair of laspistols, and a Daemon sword as his loadout, but will be considderably weaker than his old counterpart.

I wanted to change the base of the model too, so used the Eldar ranger, but with Eisenhorn's arms and Mynarc's head - this ties his pose in with the original, and gives him a more evil look too....

(I shaved off all the Eldar bits, and added a Slaneesh icon to his necklace)

The lasgun was made by bashing together all sorts of guns, and the hilt of the sword is from the old chaos sorcerer. 

The original character had a familiar that resided in the hilt of the sword that would emerge and act as a sneaky little pest in game (i will be keeping this, as i like the idea of a familiar emerging from the hilt, and still have the familiar model from the sorcerer too!)

With regards to painting, I will be keeping the blues/blacks/golds of the original friend's paint scheme, and just trying to tie him in with the old character...

more to come soon!


Very nice! I love the pose, it really screams "Yeah? You want some too?"
An Inquisitor walks into a bar - he rolls D100 to see if he hits it.
Gallery of my Inquisitor models here.