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My Agents of the Inquisition

Started by seaglen, August 22, 2014, 10:47:16 PM

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that's some phantom of the opera type [EXCOMMUNICATE] there. looks good!
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society's have become polarized. Not just in politics but across all culture. There's anger at the inequality and ever growing corruption and a wide spread distrust of elites. Yet at the same time, there's a paralysis. a sense that no one knows how to escape from this.


Ah yep, back in 2001 a faceplate was about the crux of my greenstuff ability, so I had to keep it on the reboot.

Not a huge amount of progress, but a bit more in the way of highlighting and work on the face:


Some really cool stuff here. Maybe some red freehand on the robe would give it that little extra? Some decoration on the lower portion as mcjomar pointed out.


Looking good so far!  I could see some red bits working, in moderation.  Dominant black with gold and silver accents is my personal favourite colour scheme for Imperial Agents, so really this is firing on all cylinders for me as it stands...but freehand almost always beats none if you can pull it off (which I've seen ample evidence you can), and freehand over black is easy to erase if it doesn't work out.


Update and he's also done.
Decided to keep the greatcoat simple, but added a rune to his collection of xenos trinkets.

Happy with his face and eyes (singular?) too


Very solid clean painting, nice work!

I feel like his battlecoat thing (the bottom half, it's not really a skirt), could maybe do with slightly more highlighting on the creases in the clothing, but that's about all, honestly (and if you don't want to go that far, that's fine too, as he does look great as-is).
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