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Extracts from the journal of Nathaniel Monroe - OOC


Comments, criticisms, the usual. I just wanted to explore the characters together, and give a potential insight to their personalities.


Simeon Blackstar:
Nicely written, and a novel way of introducing your character's power.  Will we ever find out who the blonde girl was?

Got to say too, not many people get to kick a Chaos Marine in the head!  :)


--- Quote ---Will we ever find out who the blonde girl was?
--- End quote ---

Eventually, I hope. Although not for some time to come =D

I wasn't originally going to have Nathaniel and Theya in a...warband/crew/group/noun together, but theres alot of potential for bickering, squables over authority and other dynamics that a more cohesive warband would miss out on, and is far to entertaining an idea to explore...

I'm really going to keep track of all the character changes I've made, but i've decided to give Martell the bionic eye that Nate was going to have, for reasons I'll justify later.

Mentioning Nate, I got sick of writing Nathaniel all the time, so made some excuse for using it that also adds a little to the character development (or I'd like to think, anyway =/)

Not written anything like this for a LONG time, I always enjoy writing in settings like this though.

Any thoughts or feelings about it so far Conclavers? Criticisms always welcome =D


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