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Lost Property - IGT15
« on: May 31, 2015, 08:14:22 AM »
Was great to play some Inquisitor at The Grand Tournament 2015... Holiad ran the first scenario and Marcoskoll ran the second.
My camera was awful and these are the only pictures o was able to grab so apologies!

The mechanicus crew advanced cautiously; it was well known Official J'Ken had been supplying equipment to a number of illicit parties.
As the crime lord Crafanc had been growing in power Inquisitor Racol had dispatched teams to take action.

This was of little interest to the Mechanicus; both J'Ken and Crafanc being a problem for the Arbites, the Tech-Adepts more interested in finding out where the weapons were stored and their source.
Let the Inquisition bicker and fight; it was not of importance to the disciples of the Omnissiah!

Adept Liwet waved the swordfighter Samara Weiss forward; she would rather keep an eye on the impetuous mercenary.
Teeka, a fellow Adept advanced more slowly, chattering on in its strange dialect; thankfully broadcasting in machine-code so Liwet could understand the seemingly random jumble!

Investigating a nearby building, Liwet discovered a Teleporter exit; while standard technology, she hadn't expected to find such machinery here

She whispered softly to the machine-spirits, coaxing its memory of previous transports and investigating its protocols

Teeka and Samara advanced past Liwet; there was a large building ahead of them; this was rumoured to be J'Kens' office and likely to contain the information they required

As Teeka wandered upto the office entrance, a large mutant roared and began attacking the heavy door; chainsword screeching and howling in frustration.

As the mutant was preoccupied Teeka took the opportunity to rifle through the mutants' pockets incase of anything shiny; for safekeeping of course!

Samara encountered a scribe working on data-banks and made a lunge, aiming to grab the non-combatant.

However the scribe was rather agile and ran from the merc!

As Samara gave chase the scribe suddenly disappeared, appearing on the Teleporter pad

Liwet, in surprise managed to grab the disorientated scribe and threatened violence should the scribe not provide access to J'Kens' records!

THe mutant managed to cleave through the door, splinters exploding everywhere as he barrelled into the office.
J'Ken leapt from his feet, drawing a bolt pistol and placed an explosive round through the heavy mutant's leg, throwing his out of the office and providing opportunity for J'Ken to bolt!

Samara, her quarry lost, approached the office and found the mutant stunned on the floor.

She tossed his crude weaponry aside and as he was moaning and fumbling with rags to stop his bleeding Samara knelt down and helped him to dress his wound.
"your weapons went that way!" she pointed for the slow mutant "Fetch!" and as his gaze was averted dashed into the office after Liwet

Liwet and Samara entered the office to find Teeka had placed data-slates to one isde and was rifling through J'Kens' desk and drawers

"Shumeneez un toyneepa!" it explained. "Yuyu. Toineepa nya ba-loo"

Liwet grabbed the dataslates and handed several to Samara to carry.
"come on you scrounger; let's get moving" she could hear the crump of explosives and the coppery taste of psyonics meant the others were already brawling...
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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Re: Lost Property - IGT15
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2015, 08:42:06 AM »
The crew lurched sideways as the Razorback trundled over the ruins heading into massive city; J'Ken had been supplying weapons to Koroneia, a world wracked by Exodites and Inquisitors whose local Imperial Guard had taken to allying with pirates and black marketeers

It was here Liwet could find a Colonel, bound to have further information regarding these caches of weapons.
She had acquired use of a Razorback; corrupt officials had their uses and many faltered under H'Tat and Teekas' negotiating prowess!

From the ping on the auspex it was easy to see where the Colonel was; his Vox-unit continually chattering information and his blatent credit transfers lit up the spirit-recons

Giving Steves' dashboard a pat Liwet hurtled toward the large building, easing the brakes to make the tight turn

Teeka, with usual lack of patience, clambered out of the top hatch, dropping to the rockcrete flooring, losing its footing and rolling onto the remains of the pavement.
As Teeka dusted itself down lasfire impacted alongside hte diminutive create

"Utinni!" it exclaimed and dashed across the road into the ruins opposite

Steve pulled up alongside the large ruins, Samara pulling herself out of the top hatch.
Pointing at the Colonel she shouted "YOU! Surrender or you'll be sorry!" 
As the officer was nonplussed Bob, the Razorback turret, opened fire, a blast of plasma taking out the back wall of the building!

The Colonel cursed and ran while his aide wet himself and dropped to his knees

Samara heaved herself onto the Razorbacks' roof and leapt onto the staircase, agilely pulling herself onto the staircase

As Teeka scurried through the ruins, picking at discarded weapons and equipment the heavy form of an Armoured Sentinel stalked past, autocannon screaming a hale of fire at hte RAzorbacks' armour.

"Etee uwanna waa!" it explaimed and started to scramble up the heavy limbs

Samara easily caught the out of shape Colonel and bundled him into Steve. As they advanced, Bob firing to dissuade the Sentinel and hold off the approaching reinforcements, a pair of Inquisitor blocked the road.
Liwet sighed and had Samara drag the bound officer out of the razorback.
"I am Inquisitor Cortez" a heavily armed Inquisitor shouted. "I will be the one to interrogate this man!"
Liwet shrugged "Fine by me, but i was first access to his data-archives and transcripts of the interrogations."  she replied, after all she cared not for his corruption, only where the weapons were coming from.
as Cortez agreed another ranking figure appeared, claiming right to the interrogation.
Liwet spotted what was about to happen and threw a smoke grenade at her feet as the Ex-Commissar fired a shotgun at the Inquisitor!

Coteaz's boltgun roared in riposte and a stray round impacted with the Colonels' leg.
Samara and Liwet dragged the heavy man into the Razorback and tended to his wound while the gunfight raged; They didn't care who did the interrogation so long as their objectives were met...

As for Teeka, it reappeared later with a large stash of weaponry and a huge pouch of credits...
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i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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Re: Lost Property - IGT15
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2015, 01:17:54 AM »
A nice record of your exploits. Look forward to seeing more soon hopefully!