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What sort of colourful biological and cybernetic enhancements would it be plausible for a reasonably well-connected, non ad-mech character to get, without bordering on full scale tech heresy? Slightly more obscure and unusual suggestions if possible please; recoil dampners, de-tox glands, locator matrix, internal light, pheromone emitter, micro data-looms, and such like please, as opposed to the bog standard bionic arms.
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Re: Augumetics
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Outside of the Mechanicus, the most common would be a mix of replacement parts (the bog standard limbs, but perhaps some organs, senses, jaws, etc) and parts that serve the needs of the Imperium - voxlauders, autoscrolls, etc.

Obscurer parts... various kinds of subtle implant weapons and defences of course, such as digiweapons, armoured skin, perhaps implanted field generators.

Weird stuff? Holoprojectors built into the hand or face (to show little R2D2 style holomessages, or perhaps to help created a false face...)
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Re: Augumetics
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I think a well-connected character with a reasonable amount of money to burn (say, a lesser noble, a successful trader or up) wouldn't be overwhelmingly restricted in what was an option.

It's probably easier to list things that wouldn't be okay than those that are. Some of the major Tech-Priest implants (the cyber-mantle, potentia coil and the like) are probably sacrosanct to the point that the Mechanicus would peel you apart and take them back if they found out (although lesser imitations would probably be valid, even necessary for a sufficiently augmented character). I suspect that things like auto-sanguination are probably also getting into the realm of no.

As far as ideas for the possible, the 40k RP books list a lot of possibilities - blackbone bracing, synthmuscle implants, sub-skin armour, memorance implants, Luminen capacitors, interkeratic implants, Twitch-masks (as DapperAnarchist has already mentioned), pain wards (which cause pain to manifest as other senses, such as tastes or sounds), etc, etc - and the fluff for those can often be found copied around the net.
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Re: Augumetics
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Back again. So, the basic idea is for a character, possibly from a declining noble family, with a fondness for personal enhancement, on a personal quest to find a fabled source of knowledge/ancient artefact, who has picked up all sorts of rare technology on the way. Here’s some of the stuff I have decided on, much of which is from the 40k RPGs, with a few bizarre additions of my own creation.

Locator matrix
Neural vault
Thief's light
Twitch mask
Pain ward
Void skin
Auto-keratic implants
Detox glands
Ares-Ultra military grade bionic arm, with Geostabilised recoil dampener
Micro Datalooms: Implanted micro-cogitators provide chemical and statistical analysis to cross-reference key stimuli with stored data, as well as performing a rapid tactical assessment of combat situations, and conferring information on relevant trajectories and viable escape routes.
Vox-enhancer: Augmentation of the vocal chords with a robust vox unit allows for a drastically increased volume of speech, as well as the replication of various tones and sounds outside the usual human vocal range.
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