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Onus Region subsector Background Packages and Homeworlds


Our group plays their games of Inquisitor and Dark Heresy in a sub-sector of the Carthax sector called the Onus Region - a wild frontier on the southern fringe of Carthax space. Over many many years of gaming we've put together quite a few stories, and many of the worlds have richly detailed histories, shadowy sects and dangerous secrets.

The big thing that irked me with the Dark Heresy sourcebooks was largely that all the references, characters and places were from a sector that we were never going to visit. So I diligently (read: madly) set about creating a sub-sector with equivalents that we could bugger about in to our hearts' content.

Almost two years' worth of work has gone into creating all the background lore, and I've made it my task at the beginning of this year to clean it up, add some pictures and keep it in a central place - our own little corner of the Carthax Wiki. For those unfamiliar with the wiki (available here); it's being used as a central point for all Inquisitor characters, events and shenanigans. Plus, I reasoned, it would be an excellent place to house all the background lore that powers both Inquisitor and Dark heresy.

You can find our section of the Onus Region here. It's still very sparse at the moment, as I'm still adding things on a regular basis (almost every day if work continues being quiet...) so check back regurlarly!

The key thing I want to bring up that would be immediately useful however, is a 21-page supplement with subsector-specific Homeworlds and Background packages. We found it help ground a lot of characters in the universe if they were literally from somewhere nearby - it gets very tedious making up another reason why Scum Steve was born and bred in a Hive City some three sectors away and is asking round dive bar on a backwater planet for any local rumours.

Download it here:

* Onus Region Background Packages and Homeworlds
I'm not expecting people to set their games in our little corner of space - everyone likes fighting on home turf after all - but I figured that people might find these useful, intriguing or (hopefully) inspirational for some of their own world building.

Van Helser:
Had a chance to read through your uploads to the wiki during my Christmas break and liked what I read.

The larger Carthax sector hosts the VOIP Dark Heresy campaigns myself, Marco, Koval and Vendile do on a Sunday, and the Deathwatch campaign I ran a while back was set next door to the Onus Region in the Prastian Straits for part of it. Some of our characters may well wander into the Onus Region at some point.


Sundays you say? Would there be space for someone to sit in and listen?

I can't see why not, we've had people sitting in before.

In all truth, we've probably got the space for another character or two, although you'd have to ask Koval if he could fit new people in at this stage. (He's running the current mission, but we are only two sessions in).

Short answer is yes, you can join in with our campaign, and strictly speaking there is no limit to what type of character you can generate -- though I imagine you'll want to actually play with an Onus Region character, so you might need to coordinate with me to see what'll fit with the Claudian unrest.


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