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Inquisitor Tallulah Belle
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Her background is here a basic profile of her rules and equipment will be posted in this thread along with her more unique rules (when I find that data slate) for discussion and help with

ok first things first her profile is as follows

WS:67 BS:62 S:54 T:58 I:74 WP:70 SG:58 Nv:64 LD:65 which should make her Speed 5 right or is my maths wrong?

Tallulah is Left Handed

Weapons: a Naval Cutlass, and a Military Las Pistol (exact specs TBD as I reread the revised armoury) 2 spare Magazines,

Other Wargear: Com Bead and a Throatmic/Vox Amplifier (if activated it doubles the range she can be heard). Displacer field*, WingDancers Boots . (Counts as 2pt armour on legs), Leatherwork basque/glide harness (Count as 3pt armour on chest, Abdomen and groin) (Wristguard and leather gloves (1pt armour on arms)

GlideWing: The glideWing is a shimmering metal wingset able to use air currents and its fans to keep the wearer aloft. from flat ground it requires a sprint action followed by a successful jump to attain airborne status, if leaping from a 1st story or higher she is only required to jump, when airborne Tallulah can move at up to double the distance of a sprint action in a single action. her max height is two storeys above her starting height before the leap. She must test to see if she lands on her feet when landing.

WindDancer Boots - due to the Shock absorbers in her boots she adds +2 to the reduction to falling damage if she passes her test to land on her feet and adds d6 to her jump height rather than d3 as normal for someone with Acrobatic and catfall

*her displacer field has been calibrated for effects work during her shows with the troupe and therefore has taken into account her ability to fly and if in flight when it is triggered she will remain airborne.


Performing Tumbler - Tallulah Counts as having  Acrobatic and Catfall *Dimi, my Felined has both of these skills also, is having two characters of the four in the warband (three will be fielding but with four I have options on who she would take on a mission)  with these skills unfair/dull/unbalanced? they are part of the same troupe and neither have massive combat abilities their just quick and well trained gymnasts.

Pilot - can pilot suborbital and in system craft (fighters, landers, shuttles etc)

TroupeMaster  - if Tallulah has Been in vox/verbal contact with her team that turn they count as affected by the Leader special rule, so used to working to her call during performances and field ops Note, This does not require a distance test BUT they do not benefit from her presence normally JUST when Orders/Reassurance has been issued, the team are used to focusing on their own performance whilst close to each other