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The Mechanicus Audit
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"Through the blessings of the Omnissiah, we have tamed the very stars themselves. Through our understanding of the Omnissiah, we have survived the long death of the Imperium of Man. Through the Empty Years, we grew stronger as others rusted away before the oblivion of time and entropy.

You say our belief-engrams are damaged? No, brother. It is simply that your dogma is out of date."

- Archmagos Hexapan-Seq-88A

First Imperial Contact with the Separatist Mechanicus in the Oestalan sector

Orlan Mirielle Planck's early field research activities for the Calixan audit cabal brought her to the attention of supervisors that recommended her to the Journeyman branch of the Mechanicus' internal affairs departments. Evangelical missions on several forgeworlds and a dozen manufactorum systems brought her into contact with the works and insurgent activities of agents of the Separatist Mechanicus, working to further the works of long-dead and purged Magii of the Oestlan sector. It was in processing these codices, in exposure to such dangerous and new ideas, that the magnitude of the threat of sedition from within the Mechanicus became clear to her - without the guidance of the Omnissiah, under the stringent monitoring of the auditors, the unity of the Machine will fail, the supply lines to the Imperium of Men will collapse, and the buffer maintained against the many forces of disorder will erode to nothing.
Logically it follows that, if the sanctity of the machine is priority prime, no aberration can be tolerated - and a bent cog will break the chain just as surely as a spanner in the drive train, given time.

It's for this reason the Clade Planck maintain contacts among the Senescitians, many Amalathian organisations and even, quietly, a few of the less excitable Chapels of the Ecclesiarchy.
Murielle follows the prescribed protocols refined from those developed by the most experienced revolutionary-hunters in the galaxy today. Using algorithmic improvements upon operational information the Magi Planck have extracted from assets of the Ordo Hereticus, her cells have regularly attained very satisfactory discovery and neutralisation indexes.
Murielle takes an organisational and leadership role within the cell itself, though she inserts into the lower echelons of the full-adept ranks alongside a handful of similarly-positioned compatriots to search for perversions at a spiritual level.
Magister Leonart Bhey and his acolytes mingle with the proletariat populace, bringing the Word to the people - be it the Omnissiah's or not, engrams are in place to ensure righteousness of thought come the end of the operation.
When the time comes, the existence of linkage networks or lack thereof established beyond doubt and all players identified, Murielle initiates a coordinated decapitatory strike, eliminating the leadership and turning the remnants over to the ministrations of the Clade Planck.

During her recent operations, following the traffic of technological artefacts out of arms manufactora by the rogue trader Eramus and further investigations of their distribution, the shortcomings of her tactical teams became painfully apparent.
Having been shot down and left to bleed out by a fleeing smuggler in a warehouse inspection gone awry, Mirielle proceeded to follow her leads into a chance meeting with a trading partner of Eramus, finishing the exchange unconscious, near death and missing an eye after a close encounter with the Lady's cane. Intelligence gathered while she recovered led her to attempt to disrupt negotiations between the trading network and a new, dark, customer, only to discover this customer was no less than a captain of the Ultramarines chapter, before the traders' Assassinorum-trained bodyguards cut down Mirielle and her retinue with a variety of power-bladed weaponry. Even when simply recuperating, there was no peace to be had, as the refuge at which Leaonart was treating her at was assaulted by Daemonologists sent by Eramus to eliminate Mirielle, the pair barely escaping with their lives thanks to the timely intervention of an Inquisitor presumably keeping the Mechanicus audit under surveillance.

Her above-average record marred by the spectacular failures of her last operation, her Clade have assigned the Magos Moebius to evaluate Mirielle's performance and ensure her success in what is expected to be the extremely testing final act of this unexpectedly important investigation.


These are the folks I'll be bringing on Saturday - anyone who's seen me before will have seen most of them before, only this time I found my bloody Gruss at last, and picked up one of the The Walking Dead figures, which are only slightly noticeably too small.
Since I seem to be up mashing my keyboard in the small hours a lot this week, can anyone remember any of the previous Audit-like Inquisition equivalents the Conclave has spawned over the decades?
I'm certain I remember a couple.
Or pretty much any interesting sub-cults or bits of the Mechanicus worth a look.
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