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Introducing some old Friends to =][=
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Introducing two old friends to Inquisitor, using my warbands and some scenarios improvised on the fly. So, without further Ado:

NPCS: Following the purging of Brimdine IX. Confessor Rouncil lead his entourage to the forge world Yulai,  on one of the moons of a gas giant in the same system. He was seeking relics, in particular he hoped to find a plasma or power weapon, buried in one of the catcacombs. The few members of the imperial cult on the world had reported an area close to the underhive, ripe with possibility. Spore mines from a shattered splinter fleet that the imperial navy had destroyed were causing dissatisfaction and apocalyptic sentiment in the workers of the lower hive and this area was practically abandoned.

The Confessors actions in fighting the genestealer cult on Brimdine IX had not, however, gone unnioticed by the Inquisition...

Played by James: Inquisitor Hanja, taking his leave from work with the conclave of Hagen-Scrid, followed the errant member of the Imperial cult to this world of the machine God. Using the standard freighters arrival in the sytem, as a means of transport, he entered the underhive with little attention. Accompanied only by his valet and a reliable guardsman.

Calling himself the Pardoner, Confessor Roucivel had begun recruiting from the cogs of labour on the forge world, but found little adherants among the followers of the Omnissiah. He established himself in the hab block near the tombs and carlessly drew the attention of certain factions within the Mechanicus priesthood.

Played by Ben: Adept T-3k of the Station was on a punishment duty. Accusations of invention and innovation, were checking her otherwise promising career. She had been permitted to continue working within the scope of the STC recovery project, but was now gathering testing data in the field... and not just her plasma overload pack.

Accompanied by a Skitarius T-3kN0 and the "Test Subject" she set out to rid the forge world of this "troublesome priest"....

Confessor Rouncivl harangued and exhorted his followers from the top of the hab blocks tower, he could make neither head nor tails of the script or the plans, but had resolved to simply hack into what he presumed were blasphemous tombs dedicated to some tech cult.
Following his orders, Brother Barphan smashed open the first tomb, the sound of his hammer, pounding open the metal frame ringing through the dome. Unfortuinate Wells peered through the dusty gloom and even unblinkered by his purity helm, he would not have been able to discern anything about the newly gaping interior.

The Test Subject, implanted with the belief she was escaping, slipped closer, and summoned up the psychic energies she possesed. hidden behind her, Adept T-3k closed upon the scene of desecration. Angered at the violation of long slumbering machine spirits, she looked for a target to test her plasma blaster on.
Inquisitor hanja lead his band on the field, scounting ahead, he quickly assesed the area, and retreated to wait for his fellows.
T-3kN0 advanced with haste, following the instructions from his MIU link to T-3k, alerting the rdemptionists to the presence of a foe.

Confessor Rouncivl began denouncing the presence of "idolators" and ordered his flock into battle, but before he could descend, or even draw a scroll of pardon from his belt, his gesticulating hand was vapourised by an lucky blast of well aimed plasma. He passed out from the shock instantly.

Inquisitor Hanja, seeing the miscreant he hoped to arrest blasted with plasma, ordered his valet Ungen to accompany him and the Guardsman, Verger, to ascend the hab walls, while he advanced to distract the redemptionists near the tombs. Broither Barphan, the nearest one, feels proof against all blandishments of the warp under his puriofying helm, and hammer high, he charges the Skitarrius. However, his heavy robe causes him fumble leaping the low wall, and he sprawls in the dust.

Taking cover between an ammo dump and an abandoned hospital bunker, tekn0 unleased flechette rounds from his combat shotgun at the nearest and prone red robed figure. Chargin over his fellow, Unfortunate wells weilded his eviscerator against the skitarius, who was forced to dodge back. The test subject, unheeded by either of them, quietly took 2 doses of the carefully engineered psybooster, Diphoterine.

Inquisitor hanja feels the portent of the events here in the warp, and instructs his men to secure the body of Confessor Rouncivel. Checking his Servo skull, he uses it's bio scanner to observe the area, there are far more bio signs than would be expected from the the combatants he can see. He announces the presence of the Inquisition, and demands co-operation from all Mechanicus functionaries present.

Adept T-3k recharges her potent plasma blaster, and answers that all cultists are to be eliminated, although of course, the inquisition may claim any they wish.

At this moment, the test subject unleashed her enchanced control on the warp, channeling it into unfortunate wells. Underneath his purity helm, the blood began to boil out from his nose and he fell prone.
T-3kn0 approached the fallen form, lowering the muzzle of his weapon, he calmly dispatched the redemptionist with a slug to the head, then Turning the selector to executioner rounds with a quiet click.

Verger falls, attempting to ascend the wall, but Ungen arrives, to assist him.

Hanja begins to discuus transporting the remains and; if the Confessor still lives, his prisoner,  with the Adept T-3k, while exploring the largest biosigns with his psychic power, he felt something, but his search only revealed a large, grumpy native lifeform, which quickly retead back into it's layer, in one of the Tombs.
Ungen and Verger scaled the walls and retreived the slowly bleeding Confessor and trussed him for transport. T-3kn0 calmly unloaded more flechette rounds into the rising figure of brother Barphan, who roared with pain, while the test subject caused the holy sigils on the purity helm to burn red hot.
The display of unsanctioned psychic power went unremarked by the Inquisitor, but not unnoticed.
With the co-operation of the Mechanicus necessary, he decided gather evidence, rather than begin arrests immidietly. Swiftly, he departed with his prisioner in tow.

Report to Inqusitor Hanja
Assesment: Bio Scans from Yulai Underhive
Tyranid biosigns confirmed in the background readings (See Data Sheet: 80R3)
Presence of Psybooster: Undetermined

The Conclave hall was mostly empty, the long table illuminated only at one end, where sat three illustrious members of the Inquisiton, Hanja, the most junior, deffered to his fellows, representatives of the Ordo Xenos. Serving no particular ordos himself, he was often used to mediate between them, and so he was discussing the interest of both Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus in the forge world of Yulai. With the plasma and power weapons they specialised in being some the finest in the subsector, they were asset not to be lost, nor the good will of the tech priests who ruled it's many factions of the machine gods cult.
It was decided, Hanja would return, to investigate as he saw fit, with larger forces uncommited until definte proof was aquired of something more than a spore mine infestation. Of course, if the Inquisitor failed to return that would be all the proof necessary.

=][= Better a thousand innocents die than a single heretic escape Imperial Justice =][=