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Magos Rownes Log 31009
« on: October 05, 2009, 10:12:27 PM »
so, here's my interpretation of the third game of the October Conclave Meetup, GMed by Kasthan, featuring two of my characters, Magos Rowne and one of his servitors, Carados' Inquisitor Carados Eynion and alien merc Tiphiidae and PM102's Inquisitor Vendo and Psyker Fatum Vox.

as  my memory is somewhat unreliable, i'll be writing this almost as Rowne's memoirs so they maybe slightly bias in my favour and somewhat inaccurate in places  ;D

"Fools." Magos Berith Rowne muttered as the servitor his cortex unit was attached to leapt clumsily onto the rooftop.
The Inquisition had been excavating *more* foul Xenos tek, and Magos Rowne with an assist from a fellow Adept had managed to destroy the excavation site, unfortunately losing the Adept and his berzerk servitor, but successfully damaging several Inquisition Agents, hopefully irreparably.

Now he was sure he was being followed back to his Arvus Lighter, no doubt an Inquisitor seeking "revenge" despite Rowne doing the Right Thing in stopping the Xenos taint falling into the Inquisitions' hands.

It appeared this section of the hive was on its Purge Cycle; the streets drowned in an acidic wash, flowing in torrents down into the processing plants.

all he had was empty buildings and the narrow coloured platforms allowing him to traverse the rooftops.

Suddenly a high pitched chittering broke his concentration and a stream of toxic needles impacted into the leg and back of his servitor body. it stumbled forward as he concentrated on boosting its immune systems to counteract the poisons.
Recovering his balance, he leapt off the edge and darted across the platform into the adjoining building.
His accompanying gun-Servitor turned to face the Xenos creature, the humming of the plasmablaster howling a ball of superheated plasma at the creature, splashing its leg with enough heat to cause it to scream and dive for cover.

Inquisitor Carados, tailing the Magos, was unphased; leaping off the rooftop onto the balcony, drawing his blade as he darted between cover.

unknown to either party, Inquisitor Vendo and Fatum Vox, a survivor from the massacre at the dig, navigated rooftops on the next block from the Arvus, moving to set an ambush from the fleeing Mechanicus.

Magos Rowne, hearing his gun-Servitor open fire, continued with the task in hand; he made his way through the empty building and across to the next rooftop

While the Xenos Tiphiidae continued to stay low in its cover, tending to the vast quantities of blood it was losing, the Gun-Servitor turned to join it's master, it's clumsy nature pitching it off the rooftop and onto the platform below

Inquisitor Carados continued his pursuit, his eyes locked with burning hatred on the gun-servitor; by the Emperor this rogue mechanicus and his toys would pay!

Meanwhile, Inquisitor Vendo and the psyker Vox setup in a building opposite to the landingpad, drawing their weapons, knowing the Magos would have to pass through this office.

Magos Rowne continued his flight, while Inquisitor Cadados caught up with the trailing gun-servitor and in one fluid movement, ran up behind it and plunged his flickering power sword through it's armoured skull!

scrambling up a set of stairs, Magos Rowne looked on as the Inquisitor brutally took the gun-servitor apart.
Cursing the Inquisition, all Xenos and his own clumsy servitor-body, he burst into an office to see Inquisitor Vendo turn from a conversation with a familiar man in robes and stare at him, gobsmacked at the interruption.

as the psyker leveled his staff, a tinny taste overwhelmed everyone's sense and the air smelt of ozone.
Having witnessed the devastating energies at Vox's disposal during the sabotage, Magos Rowne turned and barreled out through a side door, leaping onto the edge of the parapet and throwing himself toward the adjacent gantry.
He just made it, knocking himself flat onto the gantry, all his internal systems flickering on and off from the jarring motion

Tiphiidae, who had been catching upto the chase, observed the magos' entry into the building from across the street. Taking a run up, he sprinted toward the edge, leaping an unnatural distance toward the office block...
It proved too far for even the xenos' unusual anatomy, and instead relied on its strength to thrust its claws into the plascrete to stop it's fall.
Inquisitor Carados still chased across gantries, cursing the other inquisitors' slow reflex and allowing the magos to slip by him.

as Magos Rownes' servitor scrambled to its feet, Inquisitor Vendo rushed him, swinging wildly at the Magos, who barely managed to dodge the powered blade, it taking gouges out of the walls and pillar by the combatants.

meanwhile, Inquisitor Carados and Tiphiidae charged the psyker Vox, who threw the Inquisitor roughly against a wall with a blast of warp-power. Luckily for Carados, he kept his balance and stopped himself from falling off the edge!

Meanwhile, Magos Rowne managed to break away from the Inquistor and bolt into his flyer, the door closing as Inquisitor Vendo smashed the door to the platform off its hinges!

While Inquisitor Carados was enraged at seeing the flier take-off, vented his frustrations on the psyker; battering him unconscious and heaving him off the edge while his Xenos merc rushed across the gantry toward the cursing Inquisitor Vendo, fighting to remain upright after the flier's engines gunned and Magos Rowne entered high orbit toward his awaiting battleship...
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Re: Magos Rownes Log 31009
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2009, 10:52:40 PM »
very nice take on events. thanks gav.

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Re: Magos Rownes Log 31009
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2009, 10:53:53 PM »
Nice battle report, looks like a fun one!

Who's the guy with the green-edged sword in the other scenario?

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Re: Magos Rownes Log 31009
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2009, 02:04:40 AM »
awesome, I did wonder if you guys would be able to get a shot at that great new board they only just made before Games Day UK
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Re: Magos Rownes Log 31009
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2009, 08:08:48 PM »
Hi, I've posted the rules up for this game (+ a little extra detail).
Here is the link

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Re: Magos Rownes Log 31009
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2009, 11:08:23 AM »
awesome report Gav. You got the narrative (seemingly) down but with enough character and flavour to be interesting as well! the pics are nice and well ordered.

you guys are making me very jealous. I haven't managed to make a conclave meet up in ages and I hardly have any time at uni any more for games. :(
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