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please post in this thread any files useful to Inquisitor Gamers

Kasthan's GM Sheets, available in Detailed Layout and Printer Friendly versions

Fragmatic's printable Range Rulers

Fragmatic's Counters

We have a sticky thread! Yaaay :)

I've finally finished the rest of the range bands for the rulers and updated the file on the website. The link now points to the new, 3 page PDF. There are still more goodies to come, so stay tuned :)

I just posted these up for someone and since I don't think they're around anywhere else here's Heidfeld's Twenty Questions.

* Where is your character from? Be specific, not just a planet or a city.

* Does your character have a family? Give details; who are they?

* What does your character look like? Not numbers or clothing but style, looks, et cetera

* How does your character dress? Does their wardrobe contain twenty identical outfits or do they have dress-up/dress-down clothes? Go mad, look in your own wardrobe for ideas.

* Does your character have physical quirks, ticks or habits? Does he sweat profusely when nervous? does he scratch himself in unflattering places or chew his fingernails? has his nose been broken and never set properly?

* Where did your character learn their skills? Where did they first shoot a gun, wield a sword et cetera?

* What else does your character know, stuff that doesn't come into the combats like a passion for Terran Wines for example. Where did he learn it? How did it develop?

* Where did he get his goodies?

* Where does your character live? Again, be specific.

* Who does your character know? Some of these may be warband members, others not. Detail them, do the twenty questions for them if you have time.

* Who are your character's enemies? Does he have any? Or are enemies something that will only come in here? If so, What are your character's primary threat. Tyranids? Eldar? Mutants? Psykers?

* How did your character develop their psychic abilities; a special question, if your character is a wyrd or non-psychic you have one less question to answer.

* What are your character's likes and dislikes? Is he nervous of space travel? Does he hate cabbage? Does he love to drive ground cars at ludicrous speeds?

* What is your character's Moral Code? Where does he draw the line? Where does radicallism or puritanism become Heresy?

* Does your character have goals? Is he a point and shoot weapon for the heirachy or is the vaguest hint of Ork stink going to have him running off to find Orkimedes?

* Does your character have personal beliefs? Does he follow the Imperial creed to the letter? Is he a Thorian et cetera?

* Does your character have any personality quirks? Is he Arrogant? Humble? Laid back? Stressed out? Opinionated? Superstitious? Paranoid?

* How did your character become an <Inquisitor/Rogue Trader/Arbite/Whatever>?

* How does he see his role? Is he a crusading knight? A subtle schemer? A Diplomat?

* Are you happy with that? If not - go back and change things. If you are then congratulations, you're done.

Hi since I've had now 100 downloads of the fancy ones I was wondering how people were getting on with the GM sheets?
Are they actually of any use? In addition are there any modifications or extras you would like to see on them?

Could we get a link to the Conclave Standard thread here as well? Might be useful...


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