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Battle for Arkhanus Prime

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Lord Borak:
Astropathic message:
Origination: Arkhanus Prime
Threat to Imperial Rule: Severe............
Loading............. please wait............ Reasoning.
Reasoning: Planetary government missing - presumed dead. PDF compromised. Potential defection.
Loading....... Confirm threat
Source of threat: Unknown. Heresy likely.
L.... Loa........ Purge the Heretic......
................ Loading. State position
Major population centres overrun or non-responsive. Planetary Governor missing, presumed dead. PDF High command missing, presumed dead. 73.57% PDF forces defected or non-responsive. Arkanus Secondus Hive in Imperial control. Arkhanus Primary and Tertiary non-responsive. Presumed lost. All Major PDF bases non-responsive. Remaining Loyalist PDF forces under heavy fire....
State condition: Arkhanus Secondus
Conditions severe. Local government and PDF command assassinated. Remaining forces led by Adeptus Astates of the Grudge Bearers Chapter.....
Loading............. Confirm Adeptus Astates. Confirm Numbers.
Astartes Confirmed. Brother Sergeant Banus, Grudge Bearers Chapter. No other forces.
Loading.......... Imperial Reinforcements en-route. Purge the Heretic.....

Heretical Cults had infiltrated all facets of Imperial Rule on Arkhanus Prime and almost the whole planet was taken overnight on some unseen command. Those government officials not belonging to the cult were assassinated. PDF forces loyal to the Throne were ambushed on routine patrols or shelled whilst on pre-planned training exercises. Only a flicker of Imperial light remained and that was the shelled and blasted remains of Arkhanus Secondus Hive.

Brother sergeant Banus, on secondment to Arkhanus Prime to review Imperial defences took control of what remained of Imperial forces after PDF command were assassinated. Leading the resistance fighters and scattered PDF forces Banus became the Icon of Imperial retribution and resistance. His combat experience and knowledge of defences proved invaluable. This made him a High Value target and there were several attempts on his life.........

However, unknown to the loyalists and Heretics alike......... another threat loomed in the shadows.

Banus growled. More cultists swarmed through the ruins of, what must have been, a store front. Knocking over old stalls they crushed fake Imperial artefacts, trinkets and other worthless sundries into the dust as they swarmed past in their efforts to get to grips with the Imperial troops. The Imperial troops opened fire in a pre-planned crossfire that saw the Cultists shredded by well drilled Lasfire.

Glaring through the dust....... Banus thought he could see something...... something large directing the forces from a ruined chapel........ Power armour. The realisation hit Banus like a Bolt round. Could a Traitor Legionary be here? Rage and a sense of purpose filled him. Grabbing a nearby PDF trooper and the platoons assigned priest he led the small party forwards through the ruins

Bolt Pistol aimed a the doorway of the Chapel Banus strode through the street. Ignoring the occasional pang of small arms fire from his armour. The Priest followed closely behind him........ the priests ever present chanting audible despite the best efforts of the War to drown it out. The PDF trooper nimbly clambered over the ruins of nearby building and disappeared from view......

Trooper Ghavlar knelt by the doorway and took aim across the street with his autorifle. He hadn't used it much........ Infact, only 2 weeks before he hadn't ever fired a weapon....... 2 weeks? It felt like two decades...... He froze as he saw something cross the street.......... A Marine? Like Banus........ No, not like Banus. Black with runes on it's armour.......... Ghavlar threw up as the runes came into view. Ghavlar was to busy emptying his gasmask of vomit he didn't notice the thing hiding in the pipework of the ruined ceiling......

The last thing Ghavlar knew was the floor hitting him in the face as the Genestealer landed on then tore him limb from limb.

Banus heard the scream from the PDF trooper but before he could turn around something inhumanly fast lept from the ruins to his right. Only thanks to his altered brain could he process the information fast enough. Genestealer! Before the Xenos could get half way across the street Banus opened up with his Bolt pistol blasting the thing to bloody chunks. For some reason, he felt a pang of guilt for not even knowing the PDF troopers name......

Something heavy landed on Banus from the side almost knocking him over. Warning lights flashed in his helm as his leg armour was breached. He felt his blood flow down his leg before his body reacted and sealed the wound. Spinning around Banus faced his opponent, another genestealer. The thing was inhumanly fast and Banus could not land a telling blow on his opponent. Suddenly the Genestealer reared up in pain as the Priest slammed his chainsword into the things back. Stunned for a split second Banus took the chance and landed a (critical!) hit on the Genestealers abdomen, shattering chitten, flesh and organs. The thing slummed to the ground, twitched and died.

Arkus of the Black Legion had grown tired of his Masters planning. He longed for the taste of blood and fear and so he had deified orders to leed a large force of Cultist troops and traitor PDF troops personally against the last Imperial Hive. He had known there was an Imperial Marine here and had made an oath to the Gods that he would be the one to take his scalp. Initially the ferocity of his force and bitten deep into Imperial territory but had been slowed by, he admitted, well planned ambushes and cross-fires. The humans were nothing but meat and Arkus had thrown them into the fire power of the loyalists purely for his own enjoyment. He wanted to draw out that Imperial Fist Dog......  Seeing his quarry he left the ruins and, hugging cover of a nearby building, he made his way towards his target.

A hiss made him spin around. Relexes parried the first blow, then the second. But he didn't see the third, or the forth, or the fifth. Blows rained down on Arkus and the genestealer tore chunks from his armour. Arkus retaliated, hacking wildly at the Xenos. He was a Champion of the Gods. He had stormed the walls of Terra itself. He had fought with Daemons of the Warp, Astartes and even against Custodes and came out alive from each. He would not be killed by this............ thing.

Even before the second genestealer had let out it's last stinking breath another Genestealer broke from the ruins. Banus opened up and blew one of things arms off. Then the Stealer screeched in pain as the Priest beside Banus unleashed his exterminator and engulfed the thing in flame.

The Priest grinned and nodded to Banus but before Banus could shout a warning another Genestealer punched it's talons through the Priests chest. The Priest crumpled and dropped to the floor.

unbeknownst to Banus, the Cultists were having an equally bad time fighting off slavering Xenos. Cultists were ripped apart. Cultists emptied whole clips on full auto trying to land some blows on the inhumanly fast Xenos but to no avail. Eventually only Banus, Arkus and the Xenos remained.

Seeing the Priest slump to the ground filled Banus with a cold, pure hatred. He planted two bolt shells squarely into the chest of the Genestealer a few paces in front of him knocking it to the ground. Stepping over it's corpse he spotted another Xenos feeding on the corpse of a Cultist. Aiming, he put two shells into the things back. It twitched and then lay still.

Arkus spat blood. His armour was rent and torn. He had lost one of his chainswords and his left arm hung by shreds. Another blow knocked him to his knees and he desperately parried a blow aimed for his head. He grunted as something hit him in the chest. He didn't feel the next blow........... or the other. He no longer cared for the Imperial Dog............... He was Arkus.....of........of.... of the Lunar Wolves......... No.......... He was Arkus......... He was........ back on Terra, storming the walls. Something pulled his helm off. He tasted the blood, dirt and ash on the air......... he looked up and saw another Astartes....... An Imperial Fist was aiming a bolt pistol at his face. "Brother?" he managed to say....

Blood splattered Banus' armour as the Black Legionaries face exploded in a welter of gore. "I'm no Brother of yours" he replied.  Banus reloaded and picked up the bloodied but somehow still alive Priest and made his way back to Imperial lines.


Had an epic game against Radu Lykan and his brother in law. There was much much death. Genestealers are SCARY even for Marines.

Awesome battle report, and some nice pictures.
Looks like a very nice set of models, and some wonderful opponents and allies to go with them. Very well done, and nicely written.

Van Helser:
That was a lot of genestealers.  Even one is usually terrifying enough!

Thanks for the write up.  The terrain collection is growing nicely.


Lord Borak:
We wanted to try out some marines and we figured we'd have some Genestealers to balance things out. Due to never using them before we had no idea just how brutal they really were. Between us we had four Genestealers and brought them on from random buildings/vents. One turned up each turn so in turn 4 we had four....... and then as soon as one died it came back on from a random vent/building.

Banus used two clips of Bolt ammo. I've never had to do that before lol. As for the scenery. I can't claim that as that was round Radu's.

Radu Lykan:
Much fun was had, I thought arkus was going to be ok at one point but the dice were not with him
Next time I suggest something stupid like a new genestealer turns up every turn just say no :)
Also horuswaspretty's rolling of action dice was nothing short of spectacular for the genestealers, allowing them to really put the hurt on whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, if not for banus' bolt pistol I don't think there would have been anything but genestealers alive after turn 4 lol


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