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=][=28 - "Burden of one - The fate of all"
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 This will be my first post regarding on a campaign in-the-making and my warband's background. It'll start on the short biography of a key-character and anti-hero of the main storyline. Hope you enjoy!

- Lady-Inquisitor Jucildia Florenza Valkyr, Ordo Hereticus -

Jucildia Florenza Valkyr began her life as an orphan abandoned to the doors of a chapel of the Order of Our Martyred Lady of the Adepta Sororitas. Inducted into the sorority she grew into the stirct lifestyle of zealous faith in the God Emperor, proving her skills in taking care and mending wounded critters found at the courtyard and the vinegars surrounding the chapel. So it made perfect sense that she was stationed into the hospitaliery.
Not long after, a terrible incident struck Jucildia's chapel. Precise intel of what happened can't be found in the records but it is rumoured that daemonic powers were unleashed within the chapel and were soon investigated by the inquisition. Jucildia's broken body was found amongst the few who survived this incident and was the only one spared from the purgatory.
The reasons Jucildia was granted to continue her life are just as deeply clad in shadow as is the question of what had happened in the catacombs deep beneath the chapel's surface. Even Jucildia herself cannot seem to remember the events, possibly traumatized for life by the horrific chapter that would change her life forever.
What is certain though, is the fact that Jucildia Valkyr was recruited as an acolyte into the service of the inquisition. Her zealous faith combined with her understandance of human anatomy shaped her into a perfect weapon against the enemies of Mankind and her new master, inquisitor !!! Nemean of the Ordo Hereticus, was getting frankly quite fond of his new tool.
As years passed, Jucildia was eventually appointed inquisitor by lord Nemean. Inquisitor Valkyr had grown into a strong-minded individual who had corrupt judges, governors and ministors put to sword with a fiery passion for her mission to save Mankind. One thing that had started eat Valkyr's very soul was the fear and hatred of humanity's weakness. She despised how frail a human mind was, easily tricked by empty promises of wealth and power, easily broken from their faith for their God.
Roughly ten solar years after her appointment of office, inquisitor Valkyr, desperate and in the brink of losing her sanity as well as her faith in her responsibilty as humanity's saviour, was contacted by an secret and ancient organization, unknown for many, myth to few and thought to cease exist by even fewer, an order that long ago was in the brink of holding the fate of the whole universe in it's grasp.
What kind pacts were made and what did the mysterious order offer to inquisitor Valkyr is unknown but it had Valkyr to continue her mission and life's work with a reforged purpose - and a terrible new weapon...

To be continued...
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Re: =][=28 - "Burden of one - The fate of all"
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Liking the story and the model so far!!


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Re: =][=28 - "Burden of one - The fate of all"
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Thank you! I have most of the warband ready and although their stories are more-or-less written, I'll tend to paint the models and tinker the biographies a bit more to make them "flow together".