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My very first own campaign - "Winterking's Saga"
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I thought I'd post the contents of my own-designed campaign (so far). It is based on a finnish (progressive) rock-band CMX's album "Talvikuningas" (=Winterking). I know the text won't open up for most without some explanation so here it goes:

The album takes place to a futuristic scifi-/fantasy world with a cruel ruler known as "the Winterking". What makes the album so special is that it's exceptionally beautifully written into parts of the story, all songs working the story on, piece by piece in an unchronological order, leaving it up to the listener to put the pieces in the right place.

I've put alot of the content from the lyrics and shaped it all to fit into the 40k universe. Some things I've shaped up a bit. Some I've have left untouched to make the story more "extraordinary".

Here's the first part of my "Winterking's Saga":


The Winter King

Destroyer of Worlds, God of the Living, Carrier of the Sky's Roof, The Golden Mountain.

Countless tales are whispered across the stars of a man that once was one of the Sigillites, an organization cared with a task to hold safe recordings and technology of mankind. A man of Science, an artisan and a keeper of mankind's secrets, a figure shrouded in mystery who lived in the worlde of olde.

Of his past on Terra, no records can be found. The first recorded information can be traced into the early of the Unification Wars, when an unsanctioned voidship took off from the planet's surface.

That ancient vessel held forgotten technology, forbidden artifacts and a man and a Sigillite that would one day be known as the Winter King.

What he took from Terra and what his hidden intentions were remains clad in a mystery. All that is known is that he ran across the stars, away from the war that raged across his beloved Terra, in hope of a future for his family.

A long time passed before we would hear a word of this self-proclaimed king again and even then, only parts of corrupted data-logs would reach the known Realm of Man. Myriad songs started to haunt the transmission logs of Imperial vessels, song that held secrets unknown and tales of an Empire that flourished beyond that distant stars, and of it's king that ruled it with a golden grip.

What became of that now long-lost Empire is certain. Mankind's worst enemy, itself, turned against it's founder, told to grown vicious and paranoid tyrant. It's legacy to become ruins, the distant realm of Winter King was about to vanish and die in the deep void.. Until a transmission started to carry across the galaxy's every vox-system. It echoed agessly of a Star System hidden behind a treacherous path and a map , hidden under the deep vaults and home of the Ever-Mothers - Terra..

Hundreds of entities started appearing on that sacred cradle of the Imperium, all anxious to unfold the secrets that surrounded the legend of the Winter King.. Violence broke out on the streets, mercenaries and treasure-hunters fighting for their right on the forgotten artifacts promised in the tales and songs..



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Re: My very first own campaign - "Winterking's Saga"
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*** Transmission Captured ***
*** Running Data-Patterns ***
*** WARNING - Authorization Insufficient - Clearance Level VII Required ***
*** Running Cypher-Algorythm XY946- ***
*** Authorization - Granted ***
*** Data-Pattern Run Sequence - Complete - Downloading File ***
*** Commencing Auto-Translator protocol ***
*** Download complete:

+++ File Datum 0551016M42 +++
+++ Location - Swartzchild Sector - Antares +++

This is captain Hiram of the Royal Navy and the commander of the OSC Gaeomart. We are pursued. Ship's engines are shut down.

Our task is complete. The King is dead, the Golden Gauntlet has been successfully extracted and is being transferred. I can but hope for it's location to remain hidden, buried forever in the home of the Ever-mothers, in the land that once was home.

We are finally freed from tyranny. Though I pay a heavy price for it, I do so in peace and knowing that the All-ruler is overthrown, my sacrifice shall not go in vain.

May the Ever-mothers forgive my sins.

*** Ending Transmission ***


At the same time...

Across the stars, a girl kneels before the immobile husk of an angel, a warrior that belonged to the invaders  that struck on Thanatos VI aeons ago. It's vast form had started to grow into part of the iron forest, as offering a sacrifice for the Ever-Mothers. Girl touches the warrior's thick ceramite armour, cold and corroded. Two words escape from her lips, a whisper that fades under the songs of forest's thousand mechanical birds: "Help us."

That ends the first part on behalf of the storyline. Next time it'll be more about the plot (plus some pictures!)
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Re: My very first own campaign - "Winterking's Saga"
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An intriguing start.

I find that the 40K universe can be incredibly versatile in the stories that it can be used as a setting to tell and where inspiration can be drawn from; its sheer size and heterogeneity mean that a great many things are possible in one or other of its many forgotten and unexplored corners.
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Re: My very first own campaign - "Winterking's Saga"
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Thanks Marco!

Yes! Totally with you there! That's exactly what I thought when I started this, all of a sudden it all started blend!

Continuing soon...