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Benei Igrick, Minion (NPC - probably)
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:48:53 PM »
Model page:

WS 67
BS 64
S 52
T 58
I 53
Wp 37
Sg 34
Ld 58
Nv 73

Atrophied Right Leg

Meltagun - average bionic left arm
Revolver - flechette rounds

average Bionic left eye
- rangefinder+Motion predictor
- only applies to meltagun arm.

Mechadendrite - claw (standard mechadendrite rules)

Mechadendrite - lamp (self-explanatory)

- cursed skull artefact
- Wyrd:Gaze of Death
- Second Sight (another pair of eyes, basically)

Rock Steady Aim
Dead Eye Shot

The model is currently being painted, so I'll post that up as soon as I can.

He's the minion of a rogue xanthite Inquisitor (declared extremis diabolus, but has created so many identities within Inquisitorial databases, that he can still abuse the power of his rosette at will - a good number of Inquisitors are working overtime in a small conclave just to cleanse the archives of his taint), and is extremely loyal - the Inquisitor "rescued" him from a life that was worse than that of being the minion of a heretic, and in so doing has earned his undying (and completely undeserved) loyalty. Where the Inquisitor is concerned, this heretic will do anything to ensure his safety - however, when the minion's own safety is in danger however... well, you can see the Ld stat, right?

This character, and his Inquisitor will likely be relegated to being NPCs and not actively used as PCs by myself.
The only way I'd play them during a campaign would be if the GM wanted me to be a heretical ringer for whatever his/her dastardly plot was for the players to enjoy.

Born to a mid-level hive family, Benei was a cripple in a manufactorum family. Unable to afford necessary bionics - even the crudest being too expensive - his deformities relegated him to being strapped to a work station in the manufactorum itself when he was old enough to be of use, and forced to work on minute details, and repetitive cogitator taskings of the most menial sort.When the manufactorum level was caught in the midst of an uprising, many of the workers in the manufactorum either joined the rebellion, or ran in fear. The Igrick family was implicated as being amongst those who rebelled, and Benei - though neither responsible, or even part of the rebellion, having remained at his post - was caught up right alongside them.

Sentenced to being a servitor for several decades (a lenient sentence in comparison to the rest of his family, who were assigned to become servitors in perpetuity within the waste management plants), Benei was given over to the mechanicum to do with as they would. His left arm being as crippled as his right leg, it was removed and replaced with a defensive meltagun, and his left eye, and parts of his brain were replaced with bionic parts to aid and assist with weapons, targeting, and control. A trio of utility mechadendrites were grafted to his body. Muscle enhancing drugs were tested on his body, improving his upper body strength dramatically, allowing him to wield large weaponry. Only one of his legs was correctly affected by the drugs, however, while the other - his right leg - remained unaffected.

Benei - Servior 592 - was relegated to use as a defensive weapons system, with a small patrol area within local Mechanicus facilities. Over the years he was carefully maintained by those training to be techpriests, enginseers, magi, and so on, so that they could understand support of mechanical systems while attached to a biological framework. He was fed soylens viridians as part of an Omnissiah-blessed cogitator-assessed diet aimed at correctly maintaining his biological components at the correct functionality to maintain as full a level of lethality as his physical frame dictated. His right leg was never repaired, as it was not necessary to the efficiency of his primary tasking, and the resources could be more logically utilised in other tasks, for other servitors - a leg brace was sufficient for his work.

Eventually a newer more efficient servitor was assigned to his tasking, and Servitor 592 was provided to an Inquisitor who had requested the use of a small number of convenient servitors from the Mechanicus installation he had been operating in. Gradually, over a period of years, the number of working servitors for the Inquisitor decreased, until Servitor 592 was all that remained. When the Inquisitor began testing of a strange artefact upon the servitor, it began to exhibit personality. The artefact became merged with one of the mechadendrites, and consciousness returned to Benei once more. It was discovered that the artefact could not - or would not - be removed from Benei's frame, leaving the Inquisitor no choice but to continue utlising Benei's services for the tasks at hand. Inquisitor Ymir treated Benei fairly - albeit without mercy if mistakes were made - and in such a manner that his previous life in the manufactorum, and the blur of being a servitor seemed quite painful by comparison. Gradually, as years passed, Benei performed reasonably - for one such as he - such that the Inquisitor came to find his services more reliable than any alternative. Besides, who would bother or suspect a servitor (or imbecile) going about their allotted task?

Indeed, Benei exhibited such loyalty that Inquisitor Ymir found him worthy of trust - as much trust as Ymir ever gave to anyone, anyway, and certainly more than most. Benei was a useful tool - not an accurate tool, or a sharp one, but at least one which could be relied upon to do tasks that many would shy away from or deem distasteful. Benei was most willing to do anything for his master, even test the limits of the strange artefact that had grafted itself to his mechanical parts. He discovered that it whispered to him, quietly, in his sleep.

It spoke of death, and visions, and sights beyond his ken, knowledge that he had no understanding of, given his upbringing as a manufactorum worker. Knowledge that he willingly put into the service of Ymir, who in turn served yet higher callings. The artefact gave him a secondary vision, allowing him to see with more than his own eyes (bionic or otherwise). Indeed, when hard pressed by those who opposed his master, the artefact would protect him, its eyes blazing with death upon such fools. He came to enjoy the presence of this artefact under the eyes of his master - surely it was a blessing from above!
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Re: Benei Igrick, Minion (NPC - probably)
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Okay so I think I've got the background looking sort of okay...

I'm aiming for something that gets across a pretty typical Igor-esque minion character, but one who is pitiable in a similar manner to how Gollum was.
"Heretics are like cockroaches - annoying to find, and even more annoying to kill." - unattrib.