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Introduction to Forum
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:53:58 AM »
Hi All,

Stumbled across this after searching for the rules online...great to see so many people still interested in the game!

I had a quick search on the forum...and hope this is not too controversial, but does anyone have a view of rules modification for 23mm?


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Re: Introduction to Forum
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 05:54:20 PM »
I've not heard of anyone playing Inquisitor at 23mm (I'm not sure I've heard of any 23mm games or miniatures before), although 28mm is very popular, and I've once or twice heard of people playing with things like 15mm or 6mm.

No real modification is needed, as the game already uses "yards" as its units, and tells the players to decide how much a "yard" is on their table. For 54mm, a yard is usually one inch, but for 28mm, the common solutions are to make a yard either half an inch or a centimetre.

I've only seen half inches used personally in the UK 28mm scale events I've been to, but centimetres seems to be quite popular in places like the US*.

For 23mm scale, centimetres should work pretty well.


* I find this trend slightly odd, because when I went looking for a specialist tape measure to make using half-inch scale easier (It's not difficult to halve/double, but every time you have to, it slows the game down just a bit), the only places I could find a suitable one were from America.

What I bought is specifically a centring tape measure. It's got one scale in inches and the other is effectively in half-inches - it's intended that you measure something, then find the matching mark on the second scale, and that's the centre line.
It is a bit more expensive than a regular tape measure, particularly after getting it sent across the Atlantic, but it is wonderful for 28mm Inquisitor.

Two words of warning to anyone looking to buy one though:
- Because of patents, centring tape measures do come in two varieties - one that has a halved scale, one with a doubled scale. You need the ones with the halved scale.
- Do not it get mixed up with your regular tape measures, because to a casual glance, someone may mistake it for a regular inches/centimetre tape measure and take completely wrong measurements.


Oh, and also:

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