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Lord Borak:
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The modelling resources thread has for some time been host to announcements and discussions of eBay auctions (such as Conclave members making gentleman's agreements not to bid against each other) - I've split this thread off from that in order that we have a proper place for talking about eBay auctions.

Thread rules:
- Permanent sellers who happen to be using eBay as a selling platform should go into the normal modelling resources thread; this thread is solely for announcing and discussing items which are only available for a limited time.
- You may link your own auctions here if you wish. However, please note that items may NOT be put here for people to make offers on "before I put it on eBay". The Conclave cannot take responsibility for being a selling platform - any posts advertising a sale that could be deemed to be handled via The Conclave will be removed. This topic is only to promote sales happening on other sites.


Lord Borak's original post follows:

No idea who made this........

Should really read the description better. Some bloke called Volomir.

The student life prohibits me from bidding on this, but it's a sought-after model, so I thought I'd post it here in case anyone from the 'clave wants to bid:

Woke up to a huge dump of parts on eBay :

I will be looking at getting some of the Lasgun arms and weapons sets!

I also note the joker trying to sell an unopened Eversor for 300.

You might get that money for a more collectable model from a more widely popular game, but my recollection is that the Eversor was one of the models that failed to sell out (and was instead withdrawn) when GW stopped Specialist Games production.

I'm not sure anything short of an unreleased model could command a price like that (because then that might draw in any die-hard collectors of unreleased GW models, but who otherwise have no interest in Inquisitor).

There's some really silly prices for NIB stuff ATM 45-60 for the basic range, Covenant, Eisenhorn and Preacher Josef. It's weird how it seems to be dribs and drabs then a glut of stuff that appears. Annoyingly the shop i had a line on has such thick employees that they couldn't grasp what i was talking about over the phone since 'i don't deal with models just the TCGS' is a defense for not being able to fond things you have in the store apparently....


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