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Into The Abyss - Navigator Tertius Octivia Plume
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:01:20 PM »
Octivia is a young scion of the lesser Navigator House Plume, a dynasty of low and dwindling stature.
Seconded to the service of a rogue trader of no great repute beyond regular draftee of Inquisitor Carren, she exists in the dark space blending extreme terror and bland drudgery that is service work in the Warp.
House Plume's Navigator-linked affliction is a wasting of the skin and soft tissues leading to constant sloughing of much of their body surface, with many of their members living within sacs of regenerative balms and broths for much of their lives. Octivia's fortune is that her healing tinctures can be supplemented with extract of Abbey's Blossom, gifting her with far greater tolerances for pain and injury than many of her fellow Plume.

Bound to this world until her employer is released from his obligations as good-character witness or heretical accomplice, Octivia seeks proof of the former - she has no wish to go down with this ship.
Accompanied by her attendants 008 and 064, she seeks evidence that Inquisitor Carren is as pure of heart as any, or at least that her bonded employer is no more than a patsy.

Ws  Bs  S   T   I   Wp  Sg  Nv  Ld
38  37  44  42  78  71  74  63  53

No skin.

Psychic powers:
Temporal Distortion.
The Lidless Stare - against psykers only.

Conversion field, Pentagrammic wards, Hexagrammic wards, suspensor backpack, multitudinous digi-lasers (funtionally, two digi-las pistols that don't need reloads).
Tea circulator - Biomancy: Regenerate.

She wears a big old helmet and flying backpack, which is the logic behind her Third Eye being of little use against folks that can only see physically, not psychically, and her skin bag circulates it's fluids from a pump and mixer arrangement on her back (making it vulnerable to damage and disablement from that arc).
Her protections from assassination (as unlikely as it is) are covered by her various wards, shields, and plethora of 'digi'-weapons built into her helm, as well as her two shock-prod-armed armoured attendants.

## ## ##

Saint Serata's Sisters tended to the Abbey gardens grown over the mass grave that was previously Saint Serata's Asylum for the Irretrievably Distressed and Lost, purged after an outbreak of malevolent psychic activity. The flowers grown there, harvested by the Sisters, were illegally used in the meditative rituals promoted by the Sectorial administration for instrospective contemplation of the value of life and death in the service of the Emperor.
The Sisters, mastering the art of true obliviating meditation, left empty vessels open to the whims of any passing attention.
When the Abbey was purged, some sixty six generations after it's founding, the relics and records of the Sisters were confiscated, catalogued and coveted.

CONFISCATED: The Tome of Hollow Visages: grimoire stitched from the death shrouds of sisters that had passed during particularly gruelling days of homeostatic meditation. Upon them scribed teachings and history of the order, elucidating basic methods.
CONFISCATED: seven and one third decacubittes desiccated Abbey's Blossom.

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Re: Into The Abyss - Navigator Tertius Octivia Plume
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Octivia is profoundly miserable in her current job, but has been raised to expect no less.

She wants off this rock, but she also wants out from under her boss.
The latter is only viable if she can uncover proof that, if the Inquisitor is a Bad Man, at least the plebian crew of the ship had no clue this was the case and are not just blameless but oblivious.

As such she's (currently) angling for "He's dead guilty, but also hella duplicitous!", but will settle for "He's Innocent!"

Her servants/attendants are heavily augmented ceremonial guards, clad in heavy armour and wielding awfully over the top shock batons, wearing respirators/inhalors that can circulate a nebulised mist of the Abbey's Blossom tincture that will grant them some small porting of the regenerative and homeostatic powers that Octivia has harnessed.
More on them later, as they are definitey not main characters.
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