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Morena Hemming
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Using the mini in the first post of this thread:

Morena Hemming, ex-law enforcement
WS 62
BS 64
S 52
T 54
I 67
Wp 57
Sg 56
Nv 68
Ld 68


Right Handed
27 TS

Peace-EZ Shock Maul
Maint-36 Semi-Auto Stubber - 1 reload
FrostCoat-50 Enforcer Pump Action Combat Shotgun
16 standard shells, 8 enforcer shells, 8 Penetrator shells.

Flak Jacket and flak bracers, flak weave jumpsuit.
(Flak on chest, abdomen(?), arms. 1 point armour groin and legs. nothing on head)

Bionic right eye - infrascope, rangefinder, Motion tracker scanner, average autosenses.

Dead eye Shot
Quickoad(PAC Shotgun)
First Strike

There is a -20% roll to spot the character with an awareness check.

"Politics and infighting is ever an issue within the Ordos. Sometimes it means the loss of certain assets when events go poorly.

"Morena was requisitioned from local law enforcement - the Guild of Imperial Peace, with individual officers of her rank known as "PeaceMakers".

"Attributed as being a local extension of the Arbites, the office was very helpful when we had need. Morena herself proved to be a useful local guide and strongarm, with knowledge of some of the seedier local groups.

"Apparently she had a reasonable history of dealing with the criminal underbelly after scraping her way up and out of it. I'm given to understand she was something of a 'Gunbaby' in a local gang, but was scared straight and ended up signing up a few years after her gang got wiped out in a turf war.

"The fact that she managed to earn enough of a clean slate to get a position in local law enforcement is remarkable in itself. By her own testimony in private she had to endure a good many years of "office politics" from her new peers before she could prove herself to any degree of satisfaction.

"The key event in question was two years ago, and can be found filed under "The Nibalis Investigation". Minor gang that lead to breaking a slightly wider obscura-synd, which had fingers in less friendly pies. Arbites got involved when Psyk-smuggling came to light, and Morena somehow ended up being the lead officer on the part of the PeaceMakers involved in bringing it down. Most notably by very nearly removing the head of the gang leader of the "WindBlade" gang with her trusty shock maul, and in the process rescuing no less than three imprisoned compatriots who had thought themselves above such petty things as needing help from the likes of her.

"The "Nibalis Investigation" left its mark on her, however. During the fighting, she was sorely wounded in the right side of her head, after dealing with the gang leader, and while Arbites reinforcements took care of the remaining threats - calling us in in the process to look into the Psyk-smuggling issue - Morena was cas-evacced, and subsequently received suitable medical care, including a bionic replacement for her right eye.

"Given her service to us in the past year or two, my mistress has sprung for her eye to be upgraded with additional technology to make her more useful for our purposes - an upgrade which Morena has had little to complain about. Except perhaps when she discovered she could see thermal signatures through walls - which she complained about mightily until she figured out how to turn that feature off again. I imagine the conversation with the techpriest must have been quite uncomfortable for the Mechanicus representative in question.

"In addition to proving quite ready with her shock maul, Morena has proven during our own combat testing of her abilities for our use to be able to be quite accurate. Her shotgun was also requisitioned, along with the rest of her equipment, and for her it appears to be like an extension of her own body. She is so used to it that she can load it in a fraction of the time that I myself would take. She has also proven to be reasonably cautious and stealthy when the situation requires it, and with additional training should prove quite adequate for a stealthy investigation should the need arise, though I imagine she will need to find alternative weapons for such a situation, as I would.

"She is not quite the replacement for 'Victoria' That perhaps we might need, but she is what is available given our current political credentials within the Ordo Hereticus at this time, and the other alternatives we might have sought are either out of reach, or are part of cells of agents that are either too far away, or too critical in their current makeup to change at this time. This in mind, Morena makes for a suitable strong-arm agent at this time to round out my Mistress' retinue, though I think it likely we will keep her firmly uninvolved in some of the more esoteric elements for the time being, and ease her into that sort of thinking further down the road. In short, a blunt tool, for blunt work. I'm sure we'll miss the intense blade that was 'Victoria' but needs must."
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