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=][= The Misfortune of Salacius-13 - 28mm scale campaign=][=
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The Misfortune of Salacius-13

Salacius-13 - A planet in the furthest reaches of the Imperium, one of seven in the Sacramentum system. An ocean planet with minimal land, Salacius-13 is, in particular, known for the underwater mining and extraction of oil and other deep-sea minerals. Prior to the events of our campaign Salacius-13 was left mostly alone by the Imperium as a whole, paying it's tithe and trading it's goods. There was much corruption among the governments of the planet, corruption and greed. This led to great misfortune for Salacius-13 when the storm began.

A storm boiled among the great void in the Sacramentum system - a warp storm. Strange occurrences began, and the system was cut off from the Imperium as a whole. Many major factions fled, whilst their remnants were often destroyed by the effects of the storm. The system was left unguarded, and open to new threats...

Rumours spread on Salacius-13 of strange cults of mutants and maniacs. Some say these strange zealots have even found their way into the ranks of the Mechanicus. Others perfer to focus on the strange propaganda in Hive Arimal, telling of hope from beyond the stars from a race of upstarts and hopefuls.

What will come of these strange portents? Only time will tell. The fate of this planet is in the hands of these Zealots, these Upstarts, and an Inquisitor here to cleanse this heretical mess...

This is intended as an introduction to a campaign I am running with some friends. I'll likely focus on the narrative rather than full battle reports, but I'll be sure to include some pictures. As of now, we have 4 players, each with their own Warband. I am playing as Inquisitor Vral and his retinue, whilst the other warbands include:

A group of gangers that have managed to enter in a deal with a Daemon of Tzeentch by bad luck

A cult of Dark Mechanicus and their strange, malign creations, devoted to chaos undivided

A group of mercenaries aiding in providing a good political landscape for a rebellion led by T'au. These mercenaries include Kroot, T'au and Humans.

The campaign will be co-gamemastered by all of us, with us taking it in turns to gamemaster for other players.
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