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Salute display - 13th November 2021, ExCeL London

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As all game spaces for Salute 2020 were pushed back to the 2021 show, we are still on for putting on an Inquisitor display.

The current plan is still (if we have the numbers) to split this into a morning and afternoon display, in order to give participants some opportunity to explore the wider show.


Old Edit:

Updating this initial post, we have been accepted for a 54mm scale display game at Salute, with a 6'x5' table at our disposal. (I considered larger, but this is already larger than we use for many of our games and it obviously increases the amount of terrain that would need to be transported. Also, it could have impacted our chances of acceptance).

Planning and such will now commence; I'm still looking for volunteers to assist in varying areas - as players, providing resources such as models or terrain, crowd wrangling or for those who won't be able to deliver themselves in person, potentially co-writing and editing.

Depending on numbers, the plan may end up being to split it into a morning and afternoon scenario, in order to give more people the chance to get involved, as well as free people up to peruse the show themselves.


Original Post:

Once again, I'm proposing putting on a showcase Inquisitor game at Salute (as I have been for a few years now), and submissions have today opened up for Salute 2020.

Any such game wouldn't be one of our standard open events, but an opportunity for dedicated veterans to show off our hobby to several thousand gamers from around the world (plus many more following online)

It's entirely free to run a game (unless we need mains power), we can request as much table space as we need (tables are 6' by 2'6") and we get four free passes for the job (further passes are 10 each)

As before, I'm assuming we'd probably run a morning game and an afternoon game (as I don't think it would be a good idea to stretch one game out over the entire day; I think we want to keep it playing briskly), with a hefty break for people to do some exploring, and that I will be GMing for at least one of those games, but those arrangements could be mixed around heavily. (I might be a player or I might not be involved at all, if we as a community think there's someone better for the job).

I think it's something we could make a good showing of (we have a habit of drawing attention at our other events), and I have an ever-growing collection of portable Inquisitor terrain, so I still think we should be taking a stab at it.

I'm looking at this being a 54mm game (for a display game, scratch-built 54mm vehicles are going to stand out more), but I would like to have some 28mm figures on display as part of the overall package.

I know it's problematic for people to commit this early on (and space fills up fairly fast), so this time I'm proposing that if there's enough interest we put in a submission and withdraw later on if it should become clear people won't be available.

As in previous years, I'm up for it.

Double-posting, and perhaps not perfectly on topic:

Listening to the Dragged Into Turbolasers podcast, there was a discussion about getting Inq28 convention games, invitationals and display games arranged.
The UK scene (or lack thereof) and Salute specifically was mentioned, briefly.

Would it be fruitful/desirable to reach out to them, or that cabal of Inq28 personalities, if there is going to be a table for Salute 2020?

More word of mouth.

I know it is planned to be a 54mm event, and that wee cult deals in smaller toys.
I don't know if anyone could/would want to devote time to talking/writing about it with them - I'm pretty sure I couldn't.

Heroka Vendile:
If we're confirmed for this, I can probably make it. It will depend on the final date chosen for the spring concert I'm involved in.
As Salute is a 1-day event, that increases the odds for me.

We're not yet confirmed, but I think we've got enough interest that we can probably take a stab at an application and hope we can drag the numbers together if people drop out later.


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