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blogging about inquisitor

Started by cymrilian, July 13, 2019, 09:40:03 PM

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I've started up a blog about my inquisitor hobbying, or more precisely all the faffing about that i do. I thought some may find this interesting (the minis not the faff).


I'm digging the blog entries.

I'm sure that I've some of those citizens and bits.  I need to go through everything and figure out what I actually have someday. 

Makes me want to actually paint something.  Someday maybe I'll have something to show off.


cheers mate. i've been slack about blogging recently (too much faffing!), but am working on some more genestealer cultists that i will post i the next week or two.

and if you've got some citizens, here's hoping you have the ultra-rare ratctacher!


Regarding, the GW image of the imperial citizens on your blog, do you have an idea which issue number it is? I speak French if that helps.


no. i don't know the issue number. i found the image off the net a while back (can't remebber where)


Nice limos indeed! Do you perhaps remember where you found this picture online, so perhaps I can have a better idea where it originates from in context?
I just asked on a French Warhammer forum if someone could help identify which issue the picture comes from in their Inquisitor subsection.


i thought i saw the pic on the inq facebook group, but i did a quick scan and couldn't fine the pic. so not sure where i found the pic - maybe the specialist games facebook page?

huge thanks for asking the french forum. fingers crossed!


Hey, yeah. The currency was in Euros so definitely not a UK White Dwarf. Well, I don't have a lot of confidence we'll get any answer on the topic from the forum. Besides, I saw you had up on your blog a conversion of Luriel Sacred Fist from Andrea Miniatures. Did you do it yourself or you purchased it from someone else? I ask because I also bought the miniature for a conversion, but have not yet completed it. The problem is that the scale is not exaclty the same as Inquisitor, especially when it comes to hands. Still not sure how I will finish it, like whther or not keep the shield etc.


i converted the luriel fist myself. He is a good height, but yeah, his hands are too small. For the hand-swap, i think the hand and chainknife is off a 40k orc. the grenade launcher in his other hand is from the weapons set that legio destructor sells. I couldn't work out a way to incorporate his shield (and the hand position was a bit weird), so i just left it off.


Indeed. I was planning to use the existing flail by replace the ball by the mace from the classic confessor, but it didn't work out after all, due to the hands. I think I had posted here a phtoshop of what I was planning. I actually forgot I had the model untill I saw it your blog haha.