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blogging about inquisitor

Started by cymrilian, July 13, 2019, 09:40:03 PM

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Quote from: cymrilian on September 01, 2019, 03:51:59 AM
i've painted up some imperial guard and citizens that may be of interest

Very interesting look into the rare/lost models. I have an inbox set of the civilians (not the rarer ones) and to be fair didn't even know the others were a thing. The world of 3D printers is getting close to being really affordable and is already looking accurate enough to be a real contender for the inquisitor scale world! Just got to learn 3D sculpting.


3d printing has/will certainly shake things up. it would be wonderful if it resulted in inquisitor becoming popular, but i'm unsure if it will. still who knows what will happen when 3d printing becomes more mainstream and a miniatures fad happens?


Ah! You're the limo guy! I love your collection, and I've definitely bookmarked a few extra websites thanks to you.
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Gallery of my Inquisitor models here.


i'm thinking of getting a second limo printed up so i can be the limos guy


here is a compilation of some more companies that make minis suitable for inquisitor.


in between faffing, computer games,and social distancing, i've also been slowly building and painting inquisitor minis.


working my way through the backlog of inq stuff i have been working on lately




I know I'm not commenting very often, but it is interesting to see all of this exploration of other ranges (even if those ranges are sometimes GW or FW) to develop a 54mm collection.

If I had the money to burn, then some of FW's supersized Greater Daemons have had my eye for quite some time, but the problem is that I know I wouldn't really be able to get that much use out of them.
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GW's =I= articles


i agree. the FW super-demons look amazing. i guess they would be mid-ranked demons if used for inquisitor 54mm? but I don't think i've ever seen pics of inq models next to these FW demons before.