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blogging about inquisitor

Started by cymrilian, July 13, 2019, 09:40:03 PM

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Damn. Damn. That's an incredible riot of miniatures! So good! Well done.
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thanks mate. it's helped that my hobby time has focused only on inq (jeez..for the last 5 years now. time has just flown by!).


Ye gods, I think my brain may have melted.  That THRONE...

I remember seeing that 54mm Archivist in the flesh once; think I might have been at Games Day that year.  It doesn't feel like twenty-odd years ago but I guess time flies.  Most of these models are news to me, however, and frankly this much material will provide hours of entertainment!  So much awesomeness in one place.

Some great finds there Cymrilian, and a whole lot of sweet Inquisitor pics in general.  Consider this blog Bookmarked. :)


wow. until you mentioned it, i hadn't realised that inquisitor is almost 20 yrs old now.

i'm envious that you saw the archivist in the flesh (and that you went to a games day as i've never been to one). i remember seeing the archivist on ebay many years ago, and i thought about buying it, but couldn't scrape the $$ together (i think it as $400australian at the time)


Wow, that is a fair old slab of cash...on top of which, three-figure prices in $AUS tend to foreshadow hefty shipping/customs fees from a UK point of view.  Not that it isn't entirely justified for such a work of art. 

I went to two or three UK Games Days around the turn of the millennium, then a last one for a Conclave meet in...maybe 2005?  That time was well after Inquisitor had been released, though I'm not sure about the others.  Still, if that is an Australian Archivist then maybe my memory is playing tricks and it's just very similar to the one I saw, although looking at the picture it does seem extremely familiar. 

Incidentally, one of the pictures has an astonishingly good 54mm Thousand Sons sorcerer I had never seen before.  I attempted one of those myself once, just to see if I could pull it off, and frankly if mine had ever been in the same room as that masterpiece it probably would have caught fire from the shame! 


its no jedi mind tricks. you would have seen the archivist in the UK (its not an Aussie mini).

i've also tried to emulate some of these GD winning minis (i tried to make major rawne in the same style as the slayer sword version. i think mine looks okay, but it looks nothing like the original)


Damn, that is a serious batch of new models...many excellent conversions there, and some sterling finds/choices of third party sculpts (the Inquisitor Lord, Rogue Trader and the tech-priest with the double-sided omnissian axe are especially juicy).  Clearly any momentum you lost back in July has been thoroughly regained!  I swear you must have enough 54mm characters for a literal army or two by this point. 

I must admit to wondering why there haven't been more people on here posting extensive modelling projects this year, given the amount of downtime everyone must have had, but I suppose any enforced lifestyle change is as likely to undermine someone's creative process as give it a boost, and the impossibility of group events at the moment may have led to the hobby being put "on hold" in some cases.  Still, it is always nice to have something new to look at.


yes! i have way too many models. i got addicted to kitbashing them when i started collecting again.

its a good question on why there have not been many modelling projects here this year. maybe it has something to do with postage (at least for Australians like me)? I have put off overseas purchases this year as international postage is so long and unpredictable and expensive right now and hardly any 54mm stuff is made in australia. Luckily i had a backlog of minis to work on anyway.