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2020 Conclave Events


Date: 18th April 2020
Scale: 54mm
Head GM: MarcoSkoll
Venue:  ExCeL
Details: (Semi-Invitational) Display Game

Date: March-April(-ish)
Scale: 54mm (presumably?)
Head GM: Cortez
Venue: Unknown.
Details: An event looking at the increasing rise of one of the most notorious antagonists in the Carthax Sector, the fallen Inquisitor Isabella von Ravensburg.

As we're now in March, we should actually be thinking about this year's meets.

I've got a few things I'm planning to chase up:


I want to do an event following up on the Twin Arches from 2012; this event established a warp gate between the Carthax sector (on the fringes of the Segmentum Pacificus) and the Abraxis sector (in the middle of the Ultima Segmentum). It ended up interdicted by the Inquisition, with traversal forbidden even to the Inquisition.
However, with Abraxis ending up in the Imperium Nihilus after the formation of the Cicatrix Maledictum, there's going to be a lot of politics surrounding a potential safe route between the two halves of the Imperium.

This will at a minimum be a 28mm event. Ideally I'd like it to also be 54mm, but dual scale events have historically struggled.

Dark Sphere seems likely for this,


Obviously, there's things to be chased up regarding Legacy and the decision that the Carthax sector would be off on a religious crusade to try to retake the fallen Abraxis sector. I haven't got exact details yet, but it's a major story point that needs following up.

This will be a 54mm event. Possibly at WHW.


And I have promised to arrange something up at Element Games in Stockport, in at least 28mm. I haven't anything concrete here either as far as what it's going to be, but there seemed to be reasonable enthusiasm for the idea when it was first floated (it however got delayed due to personal circumstances).

Feel free to make your own suggestions and feedback.

(If anyone else wants to run an event and I'm available, then all of my various resources - vehicles, NPCs, terrain, etc are of course all on offer).

Actually, there is something else to be added to the above that I forgot earlier.

I'll probably want to do another Revised Edition event at some point during the year. Again, no specifics on what the event will be, but it's something I want to float.


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