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Obviously, coronavirus has heavily curtailed the prospect of Inquisitor events this year.

However, not wanting to let things die completely, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a campaign run online, such as via Tabletop Simulator.
Obviously, it means we don't get to put nice models on tables, but Tabletop Simulator does have a fairly considerable library of community-made WH40K assets at its disposal to use as stand-ins.

Count me in. I am SUPER RUSTY as I cannot even remember the last time I played, so don't make me a GM.

... suffice to say that I was mistaken about whether we'd be able to use existing miniatures. This was only a rough test, but suffice to say that 3D scanning technology is both further advanced and far more accessible than I thought. Zero specialist equipment required.

(Modelling thread for more detail).


--- Quote from: MarcoSkoll on April 03, 2020, 07:40:20 PM ---Zero specialist equipment required.

--- End quote ---

I see what you did there...

What software are you using? A phone app?

We could try something on tabletop simulator.

What are your thoughts as to the campaign?


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