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Sumaki's Project log

Started by Sumaki, October 17, 2009, 04:41:58 PM

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not much work between updates really.  ::)

with backpack and powersword

But now me and the girlfriend are moving to a shiney new two bedroom flat, so this might be on hold for a while (Ive been granted the 2nd bedroom as a modeling room, all praise SWMBO!!).

I may post pictures of my other models here to and have a retrospective.


Very nice, so gonna try that method...

Also - Yay! Someone else who's discovered just how good lube is for working with putty! Makes me feel less creepy.
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An update that ive been putting off for quite a while, since we've moved into our new place ive been trying to get back into doing Inq stuff again, ive had to cut up the inquisitrix model and tear her armor plates off to try and reign her scale back in again as she was becoming monstersly tall.  :-[

But she is steadly being rebuilt and ive been practising my painting on about 1200 points worth of orks :P

i wanted to post up a few of the sketches i have for the rest of her warband.



Ive fallen ito a modeling rut lately, im slogging through a 40k ork army and im on my second pot of knarloc green.

so last night i decided to dip into my bitz box and knock together a chaos cultist!



still need to finish the severed head in his hand and some Grey stuff on the axe hand and he'll be ready for painting.


It looks good to me. I'm looking forward to seeing it painted.


Reminds me of the models they had in the White Dwarfs showcasing Inquisitor just before its release, great stuff.
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I really like the design you've penned for the techpriestess. It's certainly interesting and rather original, and the dress gives her a sense of regal elegance which is quite intriguing, on the whole...
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4 years, 2 house moves and 2 kids later. sculptings done, initial colors are done, highlights started pushing to get it finished tonight or tomorrow, i want this done, end of.

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bonus points for determination?  ;)

He's looking great. The chest plate's from the Venerable dreadnought kit isn't it? Works brilliantly.
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Excellent stuff! Great to see you return to this, well done for stopping to re-scale - must've been a hard choice! Will you do some freehand on the trim of the cloak?


@ Heroka Vendile : Yes, it is, theres alot of odds and ends in my bits box courtesy of ebay.

@Aurelius : it was a hard choice but if i hadn't of done it she would of been taller than a space marine.. i'm going to attempt some tirm on the cloak but we'll see how it turns out.

the last few days have been a bust, nothing got done, but heres a shot of the back i forgot to put up before.


Been a long time but...

She's done, she's tall and im not totally happy, but shes done and i'm never doing anything to this model again.

moving on to the rest of her warband.

Still an early wip, but she is taking shape, i'm using the burning princess as my guide.

The model is the the old Callidus Assassin, its a pig to work with, it was a cult assassin in sumaki's warband but i pulled her out after her foot snapped off.

next is a henchman that I've roughly put together and who will probably get demoted to npc once ive added more characters to the warband.

Rest of the warband will include

ad mech
possibly a priest

Off to work then.


quick post, a large gribbly i had built for a conclave meet i couldnt get to.

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Fearsome indeed, is that a cave squig for the head? I've thought of that being a good potential mutant piece in the past.
It's all fun and games until someone shoots their own guy with a Graviton gun instead of the MASSIVE SPIDER.
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Rewards Of The Enemy