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Mike's 54mm Collecting, Modelling & Painting Thread

Started by Mike712, September 17, 2020, 11:04:43 PM

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that grey knight terminator is genius! (gonna steal that idea).

I was planning to build a terminator too, but using the winter child mini as a base (, but i couldn't work out how to build it without massive amounts of greenstuff. your approach is much better.


Oh my lord... wow there's so much good work in here. Crikey. Also - blimey!

Amazing work.
It is never too late! - Mentirius <- The Mind, for all your irreverent nonsense needs


Quote from: Mentirius on September 24, 2020, 11:52:20 PM
That is a damn masterpiece right there, if utterly terrifying from a game perspective.  Very impressive work, and bonus points for making him a similarly formidable nemesis from the outset, to avoid the otherwise inevitable problem of wiping out everyone he meets with a sneeze! ;) 

Thanks  :)

It was always a main objective to find a suitable opponent, a friend had previously owned a Warrior Daemon and in my eye it was a prefect stand in for a Prince at 54mm. It also fits well with a narrative idea I have around the Chosen of Khorne and his warband hunting down an artefact and summoning a Daemon Prince of Khorne, while an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus tries to prevent the summoning ritual, though will inevitably fail. This due to his target already being blessed by the chaos god and far stronger than he ever would have thought. I'll have something more fleshed out by the time I can actually play a game, that or I'll try teaching my partner to play again. 

Quote from: cymrilian on September 25, 2020, 12:30:03 AM
that grey knight terminator is genius! (gonna steal that idea).

I was planning to build a terminator too, but using the winter child mini as a base (, but i couldn't work out how to build it without massive amounts of greenstuff. your approach is much better.

Thanks for the kind feedback on the model and I'm glad I've provided some inspiration for you to make your own.

Popgoesthemonkey only has the license for a limited time, so grab one quick or you'll need to purchase the files and find someone to print for you if you don't have a 3D printer yourself.

If you want and more advice on how I created the model, happy to help. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

That's a very cool mini, maybe not the easiest to convert terminator stand in, but definitely possible, a real shame it was limited to only 100 units  :(

I noticed your blog very nice collection you have! I will be following updates intently  :)

Quote from: Dosdamt on September 27, 2020, 01:52:29 AM
Oh my lord... wow there's so much good work in here. Crikey. Also - blimey!

Amazing work.

Thanks, ever so kind :)


Project complete

I completed my Deamon Prince from creature caster, that I had finished converting with some Bloodthirstier bits last week. Or at least as close to finished that I'm fairly happy with him now.

I was not a fan of the axe/sword so replaced it with a more Khornate one from the Bloodthirstier, as well as added some armour plates to make the model a little more in-keeping with the 40k aesthetic.

So the model is mostly finished, unless I find a malefic talon alternative big enough for this model, in which case his left arm may well be hacked off at some point  ;D

1 day bonus side project from yesterday.

Built and painted a Sister Repentia conversion yesterday, the base model being Andrea Miniatures 54mm Dragon Lady.

I clipped and filed off the bits of dragon that were cast onto the figurine and filled any gaps. The arms were cut in several places and reposed so she could properly wield Malicant's eviscerator.

As for the eviscerator itself, Malicant's hands were removed with clippers and needle files leaving just the bare handle, which would fit in the new miniatures hand with some work.

She may be going into battle almost completely naked, but she can't run around with no shoes, so I sculpted some boots over the bare feet.

The hair was trimmed down so I could sculpt the hood and just about every purity seal I could find in my bits box was stuck on for good measure.

A very fiddly conversion, to get the miniature holding the oversized weapon in a convincing way was a real pain, and pinning was very difficult as the models wrists are barely thicker than a paperclip.


that dragon lady sculpt looks great. the mask works really well


Great log Mike.
Love the Khorne cult and the Black Legion(?) marine, and indeed your marine work all round. Living saint looks great.
I don't envy your the grief in making Covenant's halberd stance - it looks good.
Crisply painted all roudn too.


Great to see the Daemon Prince finished...a worthy opponent indeed!  I didn't think it needed the armour before but now I see it on there, a definite improvement.


Thanks for the continued positive feedback!

I have been modeling a bit though less than usual as a car restoration project I'm working on is now in full swing.

I picked up a model from ebay that I'm sure has been noticed by the 54mm community already, in fact I'm sure I noticed one in cymrilian's collection.

I removed the tentacle as I thought it was a bit much and re-sculpted the chaos iconography it covered.

The whip was replaced with the quite nice sabre that comes with the model.

I wasn't keen on the head sculpt so converted up an artemis helmet.

Now I need some ideas for a ranged weapon.

I could just convert deathwatch a boltgun as last resort, I've already done one and it worked out great, I have a meltagun too which could serve to balance out the firepower advantage my deathwatch squad have, but it doesn't feel very Slaanesh.

So I'm open to all suggestions, what do you think he should be armed with? I'm happy to hunt down bits on ebay and convert, I have some ideas but nothing I'm convinced on.

I think this one will be on hold until I can figure something really good out.

I'm still trying to work up the courage to finish my Tyrus, though I may takle one of my less daunting projects first. I have about 5 part painted and a lot more exciting 3rd party models on they way which could easily distract me  ;D


Some sort of daemon-infested pistol perhaps?  I haven't see many ranged daemon weapons in Inquisitor compared with the more traditional melee options, though there have certainly been a couple posted on here over the years.  Probably the most interesting option in my opinion, allowing for some suitably thematic attributes.

Something along these lines seems like it could be a nice opportunity to sculpt a horrible fleshy visage over whatever base part you end up using.  Nothing from the basic armoury really comes to mind as "on theme" in itself, but I reckon any weapon could become sufficiently Slaaneshi with an extra layer of corruption.  Personally I might be tempted to try the bolt pistol from the 54mm Chaos Magus as a starting point, or something from a 28mm Havoc/Noise Marine, though there may well be more interesting bits out there.

Looking good so far in any case!


Still around after a long hiatus from modelling and painting. House move has put everything on hold, but I'm settled in to the new place and have a studio set up in our annex.

I reworked my Slaanesh noise marine, especially the helmet and built him a suitable weapon using a 40k noise marine gun, some tubing and some daemon prince armour plate.

I'm much happier with the model now and will be doing finishing touches as soon as I have the opportunity.

I've added to the collection:

Lady Jena Orechiel

Thorian Inquisitor

Navis Nobilitae

Simeon 38X

Bounty Hunter

Kal Jericho

Sergeant Stone

Complete bolt weapons pack

3 more foam imperial bunkers added to the collection

Picked up 10 space marines with resin printed parts

I have a number of big tyranid models coming (my death watch kill team are looking forward to a target rich environment!).

Boring bit, I've got a laminator and wipe of markers to make the character sheets more reusable.

I also have a Elegoo Saturn arriving tomorrow, which will open up endless possibilities for conversions above and beyond my green stuff sculpting skills, though I still like hand sculpted and converted models above all else. My initial focus will be on printing terrain which is tricky to get in 54mm scale, with the aim of getting a densely populated game board set up in my studio.

You can expect a lot more to come very soon, including new models, scenery and hopefully game reports!



Set up in my new place.

Updates to follow!


I finally found a weapon I was happy with for my noise marine, made from a 40k noise marine gun and a daemon prince knee pad.

The base model is the Chaos Deviant Prince of daemons, which can be found Though I got mine on Ebay.

Quite happy with how this one turned out, a great deal of work and re-sculpting went into removing the tentacles from the model. The backpack has the vents from a plastic daemon prince.

I feel that Mortarion's lantern was the perfect addition to finish this Nurgle plague marine. The model is essentially standard apart from the plasma pistol.

With basically all of the space marines in my collection now finished, I will be moving onto the humans and aliens.



Inspired by the artwork of Inquisitor Quixos I decided to do a major conversion to represent this character.

The base model is of course Tyrus, heavily modified especially the arms, the sword from the Chaos Magus, converted into a spear sword, Eisenhorn's book and staff as per the lore a pump shotgun and Slick Delvan's head with hair removed by file and some green stuff piping.

I'm very satisfied with how this conversion came out. He is next on my paint queue, along with his retinue, which I'll be painting after he's complete.


Back into the swing of things, at least for now!

I finally got my covenant converted Inquisitor finished and based.

I also finished Inquisitor Quixos, super happy with this very unique Tyrus conversion.

Raided my bits box, to put together this little warband, I thought it was about time to actually use some of my bolt weapons expansion pack.

And from building this warband I quickly got the leading inquisitor, the highly radical Martyn Sebt painted up.

With pretty much the last viable bits I had left, came up with this.

With no more conversions to do, without investing in now increasingly expensive Inq models, or 3D printing, all I have left to do is tons of paining! So since I'm back in the mood, I might get some more of the collection finished finally  ;D

I'm going to be focusing on one warband at a time, to give myself achievable milestones.


Keeping up my newly discovered momentum, I got straight into finishing my 54mm Yarrick.

I've seen Yarrick done in inquisitor scale before, but decided to have a go at making this iconic commissar myself.

Complete with his ork power claw from the old metal ork nob mini, the storm bolter from the bolt weapons expansion, I used a Kasrkin  backpack for his powerpack, his peaked officers cap is sculpted.