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Adeptus Astartes - first attempt.

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Hi all,
After playing and modelling inquisitor since 2001, I thought it high time to actually get round to putting together one of the more common (and let’s face it, more iconic) miniatures seen around - a space marine.

I’ve had a few Artemis models in pieces over the years, but never actually built and painted one.
Mainly due to the OP nature in game terms, and also enjoying the more human characters.

However, I want to get one up and painted, so have dug out a rather old and paint-clogged mini (found on eBay years ago) that I’ll be stripping and converting.

First up is cutting and repositioning the arms and filing down the bolt gun, so he’s holding it with both hands, an the gun is the standard bolter as opposed to the deathwatch mark.

I’m aiming to get rid of all deathwatch stylisations and keep him a standard marine.
(Not sure on chapter yet...!)

First up was carefully cutting the left hand and filing a gap so the gun fits in his palm.
I’m happy with this as it meant not having to resculpt the fingers, just the thumb on the back:

Next, cutting and rotating the left arm to swing the gun in front of his chest.

I’ll also be removing all the deathwatch motifs from the left arm too eventually.

Feedback welcome!

good going :)
i'd have looked at paint-stripping - Artemis is a huge hunk of metal and doesn't have alot of fine detail so can be bunged in a jar with any paint stripper :)

i haven't done a straight bolter myself, the pose lends well to it
i suspect Liquid Greenstuff will help with the letter work on his left arm - it'll be quite a bit of work to take the Deathwatch stuff  off the pad and remove the gap underneath so i tend to use a second right pad pad carve off the scrollwork
i can  have a look and see if i've got a blank pad cast if that would help?

keep up the great work - have you chosen a chapter yet?
i'd wax lyrical on marines aren't OP if they have appropriate background but i've written plenty about that :)

Ah yep, heís been soaking in paint stripper this eve and has come up pretty clean!

Oh yep very good shout for liquid green stuff too - perfect for filling in the scrollwork!
As for a spare blank pad - wow if you have one that might save me about a days worth of filing down all that deathwatch gubbinz!! Iíd massively appreciate it, and happy to pond some funds your way for it!

Hopefully Iíll have more updates soon for him .

Not sure on chapter yet - also trying to work out what mark his armour is - is it mk7 just with a high collar , or does that make it more like mk8?

Paint has been stripped and heís looking a lot cleaner than I thought he would :)
The previous owner had also drilled in some bullet pock marks and scratches on him, which actually look ok so Iíll keep them.

As for chapters and colours, Iím thinking of an old home brewed successor chapter of the Raven guard I used to play - the Sons of Deliverance.

However I never got round to choosing colours for them.
Any ideas would be great - my initial thought was a charcoal grey with crimson pauldrons and black trim, but itís not the most striking scheme.
Also aware that Raven guard arenít famous for their bold colours, and itíd be nice to have him stand out rather than be too muted (my go to palette tends to be muted colours too..)

a dark purple with white?

i know you should always have eyes looking where the toes are pointing but i think having him looking in the same direction of the bolter would do wonders for the pose :)

i found my last plain pad - PM us your addy and i'll get it posted off to you :)
i got a bag's worth of chapter specific ones too :lol:


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