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=][= Project Log - Thantos

Started by Thantos, September 08, 2021, 04:45:20 PM

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I thought I'd keep all my projects under one roof. I never seem to get time to paint anything lately, but there is still 54mm model related goodness folks might like to see! :D

I managed to "inquizitise" this priest into 54mm scale ;D I just love the "read the rulebook!" pose of this mini. It's a bit more badass than preacher Joseph.

Thinking of doing an industrial base, with a red and beige colour scheme


Well, that's certainly very intriguing. What was your upscaling method here?
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and who did the scanning? :D

i've been upscaling some minis myself and surprised how clean alot of minis turn out!

look forward t seeing some paint :D
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A mix of expanding resin and 3d scanning on this one, done by me  ;)
I've been itching to start painting but new daughter is keeping me on my toes haha. But i ordered a nice new 0.3mm airbrush to do the fabrics  ;D


Following this with much interest!
Keep us posted !


Ok jumping to another project! I renamed the topic as this is going to a random mess of stuff until i get a chance to paint and finish some bits haha

The exceptionally awesome sculptor, James Sheriff owed me a favor, so for a while now I have been twisting his arm to make an inquisitor necron :D The WIPs are taking shape now!

Personally im loving the crazed murder-android look in the face and I have no idea how James makes hard surfaces so smooth and perfect in putty!


That is a cool sculpt!

I've noticed black market miniatures have increased their 54mm range massively and it now includes a Necron.

I have 3 on order, 2 will be warriors, 1 is going to be a lord conversion with some scaled up 3d printed bits.