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Sumaki's Project log

Started by Sumaki, October 17, 2009, 04:41:58 PM

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So, been a long time but when I was told a meetup was happening I thought I'd have a crack at getting my main group up together after a long hiatus.

The main group of Captain Sumaki, Magos Magnox, and Servitor Smee (the muscle).

Pretty shoddy state all in all. I'd never been happy with how my rogue trader had looked and have been rebuilding him on and off.
When Blackstone fortress came out I snapped up the 28mm trader from that and am now aiming to build a 54mm equivalent.

I've gone with twin plasma pistols here but there wasn't much at 54mm that looked good in comparison.

So I built this, planning on tidying it up with a little putty then recasting it to make the second.

I'll not leave the next post so long. :)


Small update, I've used the Goliath stimmers kit to build a pair of thugs to boost my numbers a little.

They happily needed very little conversion, 54mm heads and ork hands to replace the tiny hands they had. Also threw a few greystuff pipes on to help bulk them out a little

They scale pretty well against the slick Devlin kit, pretty happy with them.


Those aren't bad for scale. I need some bodies for some chaos goons too.


Those are ostensibly 28mm or 32mm or whatever the scale is claimed to be?
Look pretty damn good though.


Quick update while I make tea, I gotta get back to modelling if I want to be done in time for next week