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Quick inquisitorial band shared history maker
« on: October 18, 2021, 05:10:27 PM »

We're starting a 28mm Inquisitor campaign locally, and I was struggling with writing the backstory for how my different characters would interact.
 So I made a shared history generator.

The spreadsheet can be found here:

The results from a slightly earlier one that I noted and then typed up as prose as used for my band are below:

"Inquisitor Mary Whitehouse, void born on a black ship, entrusted to the Convent of the Broken Moon, later Sister Dialogous for Witchhunter Coulthard (deceased). A stern Amalthian, she focuses on re-establishing the Emperor’s plan where known Recongreators, chaos cultists or ambitious fools have tarnished it.
Her team’s most recent missions are recounted here, accounting for some decade and a half of active service.
Sanctioned Pysker Jeremiel, Bounty Hunter Fein and Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Solantanus joined her in pursuing an Apostate Preacher across the Kriegot and Rift. The mission was mostly successful, with the Preacher neutralised and dumped on the local Ecclesiarch and Fein acquiring both a decent long rifle and a very slight ‘Slaught addiction that he swears he will kick.

They trailed a Warpsmith seeding demon weapons through the mining towns of Gamit IV. In the wearying campaign  Stormtrooper Solantanus came off worst, losing an arm (and his melta gun) in the climax duel. Inquisitor Whitehouse pulled some strings and had both replaced with a basic cybernetic.

An Inquisitorial Conclave debate may be less overtly dangerous than a gunfight, but when the talk turns to whether one of their own was moving too close to Recongreator philosophies, the recriminations result in the deaths of several acolytes, three servants and one naval attaché. The unlucky Solantanus is found poisoned. Bounty Hunter Fein acquires his old carapace armour, and the team abscond in an old shuttle to lick their wounds.

Following reports of overzealous factory overseers in Hive Armern Maximus, Whitehouse uncovers a khornate influenced cult, later classed as Edgelords of Level 90.  The resulting populaist uprising, small cult firefight and failure of the local Arbites takes over two entire levels of the hive, and a regiment of the Mordian Iron Guard are used to restore order. One veteran, gland marked for showing too much initiative, finds himself carrying a heavy stubber and attached to Whitehouse as she wades through the conveyor belts and the veins of the cult. Corporal Rubev, reflex gland vet, still isn’t entirely sure what happened, but he trusts his new boss and his lasgun, what more does a Mordian need?.

The entire team are present for the strange case of Fordrichaga Primus, where a casino owner never lost a bet, until the former Sister Whitehouse revisited wearing borrowed hexagramatic armour. As a thank you to Sanctioned Psyker Jeremial for managing to hold off an unexpectedly intelligent pair of tigers, he is awarded some of the gaudy jewellery of the casino. Potent digital weapons all.

A second Inquisitorial Conclave is called and goes rather better than last time. Corporal Rubev turns up three days later, still drunk and holding a webber gun he thinks he may have traded his heavy stubber for. Whitehouse has her own envelope of dangerous secrets she has traded for, and the team’s wandering takes a different direction.

The space station Sycopaos Eight had never missed a Black Ship tithe, but a fellow Inquisitor had noted a strange discrepancy – the number of psykers the station tithed was too perfectly consistent decade on decade. This investigation took the best part of a year, but it emerged that the station defence force had been keeping a slight surplus of psykers back to form Spook units. The shadow war was brief, but did cost Jeremial his arm when his nerve broke and he backed into a booby-trapped elevator. Whitehouse used the little clout she recovered from the mission to fix him up with basic cybernetics. Sadly the digital weapons were lost with his original hand.

A third Conclave, this one located at the improbably named Darkhigrus’s Fortress, is called to bring one particularly dangerous inquisitor to trial. Jeremial destroys his nearly new cybernetics nullifying hex backwash, Fein, still struggling with his ‘Slaught addiction, is quietly dropped and Corporal Rubev finds himself Whitehouse’s most trusted enforcer.

Arriving on Grom, Whitehouse makes sure to announce herself to the planetary authorities, and needing a replacement for Fein, pulls a stormtrooper from the governor’s guard as ‘local guide’. She has not yet confided what they are looking for on Grom, and the devout trooper Corbuzlo is left fearful she intends to intervene in the clash of faith that is developing."