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Scenario Collection
« on: January 11, 2022, 10:54:01 PM »
been a while but i managed to get a load of the archives off old dead PCs
here's some links and thoughts behind each :)

Carthax 2012 - Data Transfer
i did a write up + bat rep for Dark Magenta so 'nuff said :)

Carthax 2013 - Deep Impact
Written to utilise Magos Tiamat, a magos inbuilt into two Dark Eldar Talos. the scenario didn't work as well as i'd hoped - needed more of a narrative to encourage the players to team up on the monstrosity
i was stoked to have John blanche wander over to look at Tiamat :D

Carthax 2015 - Goods In, Goods Out
mainly designed to be played without a dedicated GM and a bit of random fun weapon options

Carthax 2016 - Madhouse
mainly designed to use the Zone Mortalis board at WHW, didn't get to the crazy inquisitor rolls i'd hoped!

Demo - Subversion
this is designed to be a print-and-play scenario that can be played with a handful of minis and show people the ropes of how inquisitor plays, kinda like a demo game

i've got 3 campaigns good to go, but they'll wait for next time!
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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