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Conclave Event Pictures
« on: January 23, 2022, 07:43:28 PM »
it's been a long, long time since i did any HTML but managed to upload about half the photos from Conclave Events
can't remember what each event was called and i've gotta sift through the GT pictures at some point but having a Rough Time at the moment so i apologise!
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Re: Conclave Event Pictures
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2022, 04:51:19 PM »
That is all quite the blast from the past!

As far as names, I've got an Excel sheet that keeps a list of what I've been to/run, which includes the names.

If that's useful to you:

EventNameHead GM
2009 IGTPrecinctOmega
2010 SpringThe SuccessionKaled
2011 IGTKaled
2011 SummerThe Antonine Amulets Van Helser
2011 AutumnThe SaintMarcoSkoll
2012 IGTKaled
2012 SummerThe Kaede Mack Conspiracy RobSkib
2012 AutumnThe Twin ArchesMarcoSkoll
2013 IGTVan Helser
2013 AutumnThe Eramus AffairGav
2014 SummerAncient RitesMarcoSkoll/Koval
2015 IGTMarcoSkoll
2015 AutumnThe Lachesis AffairMarcoSkoll/Greenstuff Gav
2016 IGTCortez
2017 SpringThe Mahlau AffairGreenstuff Gav
2017 LondonNew DawnMarcoSkoll
2017 SummerThe WastesMarcoSkoll
2017 AutumnMother of MercyRobSkib
2018 London GTLegacy/ Mini GTMarcoSkoll
2018 SummerGuardianMarcoSkoll
2018 AutumnAbyssMarcoSkoll
2019 LondonFractureMarcoSkoll
2019 Manchester  MausoleumMarcoSkoll
2021 SaluteBy the Will of The Saint MarcoSkoll
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