Author Topic: The Ongoing Search - IGT22 report  (Read 172 times)

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The Ongoing Search - IGT22 report
« on: March 13, 2022, 11:38:18 AM »
The outer world of Galaden VI, thought lost but in the process of folding back into the Imperium of Man
"A mixture of Tech-Hive and badland outpost, a blend of rusted scrapyard and dense urban populations. Due to lack of resource laws have less meaning here and locals make a living from trading salvage and scrap with each other." Tech Adept Stein's voice droned over the flyer hovering above the dusty scrapland
"Yes, we've both read the report" Tech Adept Liwet sighed. "shall we get this done?" her optics clicked and whirred as they attempted to duplicate her eyes rolling
"Fine. wherever this meissing team is, we need that dataslate" Stein retorted before dropping out of the flyer's hatch, his heavy bionics absorbing the impact from the fall without issue.
Liwet dropped much softer, checking hte replacement dataslate was easily extracted rom her heavy robes

They had a rough map of the area but no real idea of where the missing team had ended up.
*I'll take the vantage point* Stein transferred over the data-link, knowing dusks low light wouldn't really affect either of the Adepts
Liwet evaded to the base of the tower, heavy pistol drawn to cover Stein

As Stein laboured up t he ladder, Liwet continued to scout, investigating the sound of servo-skulls and their irregular data-pings
As she turned the corner, Liwet encountered an ornatley dressed individual
"Adept Liwet, Adeptus Mechanicus." Liwet called out "Are you from the missing team?"
"No, we are also here to determine their fate" The trader called back

as Stein scanned the area, he saw a corpse slayed out above the pair - an sub-ork chewing at the body
*We have a xenos eating someone above you* Stein transferred a vid-feed direct to Liwet

"We have Xenos!" Liwet called out the trader who began voxing her own team

As Liwet raised her pistol and moved toward cover, one of the Trader's team reached the platform first and opened up on full auto - las shots scattering out across the night
The trooper was rewarded by the vicous squig launching itself at her juglar, knocking hte warrior to the floor
Liwet prepared to climb up to assist when another squig leapt off another platform, latching itself into Liwet's heavily armoured boot

the Trader evaded off to rejoin the rest of her team as soudns of a gunfight echoed form the other side of the compound, Stien's augmentics tracking the conflict while he tried to draw a shot on the squig attacking Liwet
Liwet placed the barrel of her pistol against the furious creature and let loose, as the rounds tore gouges out of it's hide it scratched at her arm as it perished
While Trader's team disappeared into the night, the Tech Adepts investigated the area and found the tracking information for the previous team's objectives.

"There is an Ultramarine presence here?" Liwet questioned asa the pair searched through the data
"No - there are orders from the Primarch." Stein quickly enabled his tracker "Regardless, we must ensure the technology is recovered"
"These orders have no doubt circulated" Liwet mused " There will be those who would subvert such a mission"
Stein smiled as he checked his carbine "we will aid where needed"

The pair had soon enough encountered hte armoured convoy - reduced to a single Razorback that needed serious maintenance

"Follow us, we will recon the area" Stein voxed to the lone driver of the Razorback

Taking the high  ground again, Stein's augmentics rendering the pitch night as clear as day

However, as the transport began to move it spluttered and stalled, grinding to a halt
Liwet began totrudge back toward the vehicle, her years as an Enginseer would give her the better opportunity to aid the machine-spirit

While her hurried ministrations and  calming nature aided the Razorback's spirit, Stein continued his overwatch - his augmentic hearing picking up an odd clanking noise from hte area of an old power-lifted parked nearby

as he scanned the area a large servitor clamped his way through the chainlink fence and began clmaping toward the razorback

While hte servitor managed to clamp itself to the tracks, the transport began moving and nearly crushed the servitor under it's damaged tracks
The servitor managed to move aside just in time, reavealing itself to Liwet

Meanwhile, a dashing man vaulted into the Sentinel and moved it to intercept the Razorback

As Stein began to move to vault into hte Sentinel, an albino opened fire at hte Tech Adept - while most of hte shots went wide, a few landed before the weapon spluttered and died
Stein, infurated, charged toward the warrior and attemptedt o kick the pale perosn off the side of the platform

As the warrior attacked with a knife, Stein carefully stepped back and swung his axe in a wide arc - the imact making a mess of the warrior's chest and pitching him off hte side of hte platform into a wet impact into the dust

Meanwhile, the servitor continued to pull at the transports rear hatch, leaving Liwet perfect opportunity to unload several rounds to interrupt the furous clamping - the electrical rounds knocking the servitor over
as she watched however, there was atearing noise and the dashing gentleman appeared with a Displacer Shunt behind the razorback, not noticing the Adept and instead going for hte entrance hatch to the transport.
with a sigh, Liwet aimed carefully and put a shock round straight into the gentlemen's head, leaving him in the dust

Stein leapt onto the sentinel and began manovering the walker to pull the razorback toward the repair station...
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