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House Nepotem's Discurrereur Gladiators

Started by TheNephew, July 08, 2022, 02:30:47 PM

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You all know youths, with their outfits and their gangs and their hyperviolence - shocking behaviour.
Tanner and Calm Nepotem venture out into the Hive for some light entertainment, accompanied by House Champion Imrod Yedharo.

The twins:

Calm will have the adjacent skull mask (not unlike her predecessor Andaini). The plan is that she can be Andaini-adjacent if necessary, but most importantly a mask and veil saves me from mucking around with face work.
She gets a precision rifle rested at a jaunty angle, and a little hair re-sculpting to make it natural.

Tanner I am undecided about - he'll get a Batman belt and some head modifications, but I'm not concrete on whether it is a helmet, mask, or try and make one of my spare Inq heads work.

The bodyguard:

Imrod is coming pretty much as is - I like the sculpt and I don't want to bodge wires and junk on there and obscure it.
He's from Yedharo Models, I company I know roughly nothing about.

In all cases, like Bones before them, I'm going for a clean silhouette rather than gubz galore.


Creepingly slow progress, but some.

I've done some rebuilding of Calm's head, giving her the skull mask and some frankly incredibly ugly dreadlocks that will probably be coming off again.
Still can't decide on a suitable weapon, but I'm toying with what I think is a Kastelan robot auxiliary heavy stubber or something, big ugly box magazine and a lack of helpful trigger assembles to fit a hand to.

Tanner has likewise had a head rebuild - initially with the dragon-ish skull from the Citadel Skulls sprue, but now with an Airfix GI head sans hat or hair.
I'm building an excessively large shoulder carapace thing to try and alter the silhouette some, with a higher collar and a straighter line from edge shoulder to colar top. The bendy shoulders will be corrected to give a beaten metal,but not so amateurish, appearance.
Aside from that, he's got some purity seel rag belt adornments, his little power pack backpack, and a wrist-mounted Astartes Apothecary-style fistful-o'-needles weapon.

The bodyguard... He's built, not much to report there.

Hopefully I'll get to update this with pics tomorrow, in good light.


Progress has been made - photos soon, hopefully - but unfortunately Brother-Captain Thanos won't be making it to Codex.
He's just a little too obvious.

Calm "Skyline" Belle Nepotem is now toting a Heavy Stubber - she's overwatch support and rather than frontline hack'n'slash, decided after a little posing with various blades that didn't fit the bill.
The hair is to be painted as a helmet/bionic head, as the shaping (sculpting is generous) of the "hair" at the back actually lends itself nicely to being radiator vents.
Colour-matching continues to tie her to Andaini (Pete the Carboloader) - she's also in workman hi-vis orange, as well as having an enormous skull for a face.

I've added Slippery Darren (actually just local scum) and The Other Brother - definitely decidedly determinedly not a clone - wielding paired laspistols to the team, sticking to the Zorn-ish muds, ochres, oranges and blacks.

Aside from that, they all get neon pink detailing to indicate their affiliation to mirror the neon blue of Andaini's crew, these folks have neon pink spots.