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Duel scale Chaos themed warband project log

Started by gpemby, January 04, 2023, 12:33:53 PM

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Oh no..... They've only gone and done it again! A new set of corrupted guard models!

Look at this absolute banger!

I am also a massive fan on this new flamer dude!

Might have to re-mortgage my house now so I can run a heater near my printer to get some things printed!!!!!



Oh the weather outside is much less frightful....

So I went for it. I gave my resin a bath in some 80 degree water to really warm it up and I used my newish heater for home brewing under the printer to just try and give me a chance at keeping the resin in a nice working temp window.

And things looked good! In fact they looked better than good as I was expecting nothing.

And there we are, a complete build plate. No failures. Which I am very pleased about, not just because of the temp but this is a set of models supported on a new version of Chitubox on my new PC where I did not have my pre-sets from all of my previous prints and have had to guess/try and recall what I had set for this resin.

I have Scaled up the Big dude but I think I might have made a mistake with the upscale across the board for these guys. Due to the running pose of knifey I've not really put him side by side with an original model. I thought I would see where this chunky boy stands by comparison.

He's not as massively tall as I was expecting but actually I think he looks bloated and bigger for all the right illness related resons.

Turns out I was a bit too excited to run this print and while preparing the build plate for this chap and 2 other upscaled guys from the group I forgot to add his arms to the plate. So he is quite literally a H-armless addition to my 54mm version of this warband!  ;)


Printer goes brrrr.... The first batch of reinforcements arrive and get themselves on a base ready for paint. I have some catching up to do on the plasma guy. They have been chucked on a base but the arms aren't glued so I can get in behind to all that detail that no one will ever see.

The new trio at 54mm:

I will prime them with their arms on but paint the base colours and layers with them in bits. Mostly to make that step a few percentage points easier.

I was about to prime the big boy when I realised, I'd missed a slightly critical step. I had hollowed him and thus filled him with key drain holes. These would need a tiny amount of milliput to fill. Nothing too strenuous but did make me dig out my putty and see that it is very much past its best. I will see if it can do be used for this job or if the epoxy has self-cured and needs to be replaced.

I also need to print his hand / arm before I actually try and get some paint on him.


Bit of an update to keep the project progressing. I have had a few evenings off due to Birthday celebrations and it being half term to extra tired from entertaining children all day.

When I have sat down to paint I focused on getting all the base colours in and then on to the highlights.


It's been a while since the last update and that is in most part due to choosing to spend my limited free time from the last 2 weeks doing some actual hobby over writing about it. It's been the odd hour here or there though, so I've had to make mini tactical progress over sitting and pushing the models really far.

There was a good amount of clean up done around the coats and highlights before I moved on to this flamer guys head. I wanted to make him look sick so started with a green base colour. While the first layer of dark skin appears to have covered this in the photos I have actually done well to leave it in the recesses of the face and focus tiny glazes in these areas to only slightly tint the green with the skin tone to keep the shadowy green.

Going for a horrible open wound look I washed purple into the craters across his head before using a necrotic flesh tone to work around the edges to clean the water marks that appeared due to the wash/speed paint pooling then drying effect. Then some disgusting slime paint has been added for the puss, pooling and leaking from the bottom of each.

One of the next areas to see some progress was his leather pouches and shin pads. I have failed to get any sort of good clear photo of these but they have been highlighted and started to be slightly worn around the joins but while you can see it with the naked eye it does not show up at all in these images. You can see a bit of it on the shin pads but that's just layer 1 under a wash which I will then touch back up to a bright highlight to pop the damage.

Next for an update is the weapons. I have made a start on both sets but really focused on the plasma effect. I don't think I have ever tried it before so it was an interesting process to try and play out. I have not got the exact result I was hoping for as my yellow/orange wash appears to have dulled the white base layer significantly more than expected. Some tinkering required to bring a bit of a glow effect back onto it.

The final update is a funny one. As despite the appearance in the below photo, his head isn't massive. He's not a bobble head of a fella. It's just a weird side effect of the perspective. It was an attempt to capture the coat buttons that have been brass'd up a bit but ended up just being funny.


Do you ever look for a sign that you've made the right choice? I have been enjoying progressing these gents and building a new, different warband. I sat about a week ago looking at them lined up on the painting handles and thought about how I'd like to expand them. I love the aesthetic I am getting from the grim guard models but I wanted something less soldier. Something to bulk out the ranks with that can provide a very contrasting view but still fit within the team.

I wanted something poxwalkery.

Guess what just dropped into the tribe inbox!

Absolutely buzzing by some of these guys! Just could not have been more exactly what I was after!


Some weathering has begun. Its probs close to one of the final stages before I put them together and move onto the final touchups. A lovely dirty oil wash. Learning from my first go where I got a really glossy finish I worked with some older oil and it worked really really well.

However there was some negatives with the way the pooling has dried in a couple of places. It might not be the end of the world but I will have to see how well the oil re activates with some spirit to try and produce a slightly better blend.



Quote from: maglash1017 on March 20, 2023, 11:12:56 PM
Looking very promising!


Today was a strong day for the printer. Not perfect as I lost a few 40mm based and the left arm of my big chap to failures. Annoying to only get one of the two arms but I don't think it'll be long before I am running another print. So many things to print so little time to build and paint them!

I have made a decision on the bases I am going to go for. After the weathering step of in my previous post I decided I really like the dirty muddy feel so what says dirty muddy more than trenches!

So here's all the successes from today's 2 plates / 8 hours of printing time:


Gentlemen... bigger isn't always better.... I printed the bases from the previous post at 2 sizes. 40mm and 32mm scales. Thinking this was the correct sizes to match with the bases I had used to hold them for painting. Some how, is some weird qwerk, I had checked this, I had picked up one of the spare, empty bases on my desk and dropped it on a ruler to be sure. And bang, ez 32mm base. So off I went to scale and support all these lovely bases at 32mm.

Print, clean, de support, cure and photo (above). Glorious. until I moved my running knife guy, and then ut oh. He's clearly not on a 32mm, and he looks tiny near it. Ferk...... The one random base on my desk was in fact 1 random base!!!! GRRRRRR. Oh well, printer goes brrr for a reason so new build plate and off it went.

Much Better!

Time to prime!


I've had to take a semi enforced break from modelling and painting. Not only have I had to drop a few 15-hour days for work (yay......) but it was the build up to the easter bonnet competition for my daughter and she wanted to paint her own bunny. And despite my reservations about her colour selection, I am happy to be proven wrong by the end result (I did do the black of the eyes for her)!

As for me and my hobby time, it's probably reasonably clear from my previous posts, that I am ALL ABOUT THE BASE!
I had primed the based and laid down the base colour with the airbrush back before I got stung with the crazy workload period, so they've been sat there, brown and ready to go. I am not sure how my vision for them will play out or even if I can get them to a point where they match what I see in my head but here goes.

 I've painted the rocks in a very simple grey then a light grey edge highlight before hitting a very small drybrush over the top with the light grey to just give some pop/rough texturing. I decided to go for a lighter brown for the planks to keep the mud nice and dark by comparison. I then decided I wanted to paint some wood grain... now that sounds like a fun idea! To be fair, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever tried to do and gives a pretty solid effect. Some of the grain lines where a bit bright so a soft tone wash over the plants took that edge off and brought it all together really nicely.

With the planks in a good place and the stone looking solid. The mud is my next challenge. It was already just dark brown highlighted with a lighter muddy brown. It looks pretty good. I have chosen to try the oil wash (same as used on the models lower halves) on just one base to see how it comes out. It will just be washed over the mud and then I pull it back very slightly from the tops of some areas to see how it comes out after a night to dry.

So with the oil wash test run overnight and the forum downtime stopping me posting the above as planned, I now have the comparison between the two:

I still have some more plans to go some extra with them as I have some AK puddles that I want to use to add some standing water to the groves and recesses. Does the oil wash bring anything that will make these bases better though? Is it worth the 12 hour wait? I am on the fence. I am not worried about the loss of shine as varnish will be used to bring that up to where I want it. It does give a deeper effect but that might just be the matting from the oil rather than anything about the use of the wash. I've dropped the same image on the forum Discord to ask for some opinions. I know what my wife thinks of the 2. So, I am not sure if I am risking anything by not just simply accepting that she is right and I shouldn't question her opinion.....


Nice progress! I think the oil wash does look nice but it doesnt seem like the type of effect that you'd need oil paints specifically for, a regular acrylic wash will probably do just fine.


I'm not enjoying the enforced break from the hobby that my current workload is forcing me to take. I once again am choosing to focus any time I get on doing rather than updating this log I did some work on the bases. I added the water effects. They did not come out as expected or as described on the bottle! I was miffed, so miffed in fact that I emailed the images to AK and asked why the dirty puddles on my bases were crystal clear! They responded in good time and asked for some more details on images of the product. Only to confirm that it was correct and working correctly. So I followed up by asking how I can get the result shown on the bottle or on the web page in the marketing material for this product then? Clearly I need to use additional products. Oh, they said.. You don't need any other products, you just mix it with some paint first.

I was, and still am not, amused. So to achieve the result on the bottle, with the product in the bottle (bought because it was pre muddy) I would need to mix it with additional products, to make it muddy. So I could have just bought cheaper clear water effect paint and added paint to that. A wonderful example of a product that does not do what it says on the tin.

Anyway, rant portion of the update is over. I had added a number of thin layers of the puddles effect (as per the instructions) and you can see more clearly than I'd like, the underpainting below.

Do I think it is a bad effect? Maybe, but heavily weighted to no. Is this what I was aiming for? No, not at all, they are meant to be muddy puddles. Will I print them again to redo them all though, I think I'll prep and paint the 40mm version first and run the puddles and paint approach for them and decide if that looks how I want enough more than these that I want to reset and try again. The Weather is starting to get good enough that the ambience is printable.....

Moving on to the models. I poured over my transfer sheets for chaotic inspiration and settled on a pair of identical glyphs but in the different sizes. Annoyingly, while they both fit well, I broke the bigger one while transferring it across onto the model so had to spin it around a few times and try it on the fly to work out where best to have one of the points "missing". Opting for lower middle which I can easily damage up as well as hopefully obscure behind his flamer.

There is still a lot of the gloss varnish on show so it will need over painting and then matte varnishing back down to the desired effect.

I have also begun catching up with the big fella. He got primed and and a few base layers before adding the purple wash to start to form the bruising. I thought I had followed the same ratio for the purple however I got a much much darker result. I don't think it has gone too far and I may very well just have forgotten to note down a few skin/green glazes that I used the first time to blend it back into the skin tones.

There is plenty still to do and I have even removed the smaller guys left hand to help gain access behind it on the model. A big win for super glue being easy to break away. It did get me thinking though. As I have already dropped and broken one of these guys, maybe some cheeky magnets might actually work in my favor to protect some of the joints. If dropped they'd hopefully flex at the magnet point and fall apart in a controlled way rather than shatter. I am also now working with ABS like resin and tough resin to hopefully massively reduce the brittle nature of my prints.


F to this! I am on the mend but it'll be the new year before I get to attempt to pick this band back up and get them over the line!