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New Year, New Sculpting Log

Started by maglash1017, May 11, 2018, 01:17:16 AM

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Got some painting work done! Let me know what you think.


hi mate, no picture is showing up. the link is broken.


Almost finished with painting of 1st hive worker. The text on his scroll/banner looks way better in person, I guess it doesnt translate that well in a photo. I'm not happy with some detail areas like the eyes yet.

Stopped working on the other one as I am no longer happy with the sculpt. I think its the second or third one I've ever done and I worked on it for a long time, but I'm perfectly fine with leaving it as just a step in my progression to become a better sculptor.

In other news, two new sculpts I have been working on. A mutated hive-born child and a something that could be a deamonhost. The second one will get a deer skull for a head, I'm just wondering if he should have antlers or not. Would like some second opinions on this.


The deer skull would look creepy and awesome! Doooo eeeet :P


Long time no update. Instead of a long and windy text I will post some pictures of what I've been up to in miniature sculpting-land.

Some (almost) finished sculpts:



And then some more work that's still very much WIP.
Hive worker

Adeptus Ministorum Priest

Comments, critiques, questions and tips all very much appreciated!


Look great - just the right amount of gormlessness for the servitors, and the long straight downward lines give a good sense of weariness.

Is the face between the priest's legs a mask or skin?
Looks a bit too organic for the former, a bit to sharp for the latter, in my opinion.

I look forward to seeing them painted - the colour palette of the hive inhabitant and banner bearer suit the aesthetic well.


Hi everyone! I was out of the hobby for a while, but recently I got back to doing a little sculpting on some of the miniatures I was working on a few years ago and busted out the paint again as well. Here are some of the (almost finished) sculpts:

--++-- Preacher Brother Sergius --++--

--++-- Hive scum --++--

--++-- Hive Worker --++--

Not completely happy with this one: the head is decidedly too small for this scale. I think it makes him look too lanky. The fabric was done with paper and superglue + pva.

I finalized the paintjob on this older model with some oil paints, getting a larger contrast with deeper shadows. Its my first time trying to apply my experience with oil paints to miniatures and Im really liking the effect, especially considering I wasn't completely happy with the sculpt. I'm also getting into using AK Interactive "weathering" enamels, which have a really cool dusty, matte effect sometimes. Painting miniatures again also gave me some clues on how to sculpt in a way that's most conducive to the regular painting techniques, or the scale of certain texture etc.

--++-- Underhive Scavenger --++--

I also bought a model from GW for the first time in more than 10 years, to try and partice some more oil techniques, doing a strong contrast with orange/yellow OSL and deep blueish shadows. Needs some finishing touches but thought I'd share.

I also tried painting my spooky deamonhost sculpt, spent a few hours on it but I didnt like my work: I wanted a more light, blueish tone in both the skin as the ropes. When I decided to strip the paint and pulled the model out of the stripper, it looked pretty close to what I wanted! Huh.... I think I'll put a bit more white primer on the base and zenithally on the model and see if with a little glazing the model might work.

--++-- Furcifus, Lesser Daemon of Nurgle --+++

Let me know what you think! I'm also thinking about picking up my old plan of sculpting and casting some mini's specifically for any 54mm players that are still left and want to get some characters/bits to play with. I'd like to find out what type of characters people would most like to see me sculpt and cast.