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Question about mutations

Started by VoidDancer, February 24, 2024, 01:39:23 AM

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I recently rediscovered Inquisitor after a very long time. (I was among the first in line at my local game store when it was first released)
I've since downloaded the currently available pdf collection.
I'm currently converting some of my converted Killteams into Inquisitor and have a question regarding the conversion of the enforcer for my Blooded Killteam.
My enforcer was converted with the lower body of an ancient beastman gor.
Do any of the available Inquisitor resources have rules for hooves as a mutation?
If there aren't any official rules, does anyone have any ideas for hooves in Inquisitor?
(I was considering a modification to movement and and damage when kicking, but making climbing things like ropes and ladders slower)


For the most part I wouldn't say it's that important to have specific rules for.

However, if you want to go about it, I'd be thinking of it primarily as a drawback.

Hooves wouldn't provide much of a meaningful advantage - it's not going to make you any faster really (the reason many hooved creatures are faster than humans is because they have four legs, not because of the hooves), and kicking damage is a fairly rare thing in game (if you're kicking someone, it mostly implies you have no other weapon, although it may come up more often in the Revised Edition rules) -  and most of what I can think of to apply would be penalties.

The main thing I'd add would be noisier footsteps. Slower climbing isn't something I'd do, as climbing is already slow in game, and making it any slower would be pretty tedious.
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