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Re: Lazarus and Lucius Vergil
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You've done a great job with the re-write! I'd still suggest a reference to the black ships taking Lucius away for a few year before returning him, or maybe his father arranged private transport to terra to speed it up.

Why is Lazarus' Bs so abysmal? Surely he would have had basic firearms training, I'd buff it to at least 45 or else make a note of his inability to shoot in the background.

I really donīt have an idea how the thing with the black ships actually works. Could somebody explain?

As for Lazarus being a poor marksman: He lost half of his face including his left eye. I think that could affect your ballistic skills negatively, but you are right i didnīt mention it. English is a hard language(always the same excuse).  ;)

As for Lucius' profile, the stats you have are good. For his kit I suggest a chain weapon as it is readily available, unlike force weapons as nice as one would be, and they are effective in combat. Plus they are under used in Inquisitor. Maybe a combat shotgun or some other common long arm would set him off well against his pistol and sword weilding brother.
That sounds cool. A Burning staff and a shotgun with burning rounds...... 8)
One last thing, he develops pyromancy psychic powers, but this is a far cry from justification of a wyrd power. I'd give him a third power, like burning fist that also affects his weapon, but remove the wyrd prefix.
I thought 3 powers would be too much, but if the conclave says itīs okay, it IS ok, i gues..^^