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Pitfighter: the motion picture


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but....
On the old forums I never really bothered posting up my characters histories as I always felt they were too long (usually spanning 10-20 pages in brief note form). So i decided to turn several of the short stories i wrote into short films.

While living in Japan I have not been able to play inquisitor and so have pursued other hobbies, the one you will see here is called Brickfilming: stop motion animation using lego. Although it may seem odd to combine every childs favourite building block toy with the dark atmosphere of warhammer 40k, I have found lego to be highly versatile as scenery, vehicles and know materials to bring my inquisitor characters to life.

So the following charts one of the early adventures of my most prominent and well evolved mercenary character.


Part 2:

Well, if you made it to the end let me know what you think of story, directing, animation blah blah blah.

Surreal. I thought the animation and sound effects were excellent but the voice overs were a little hard to make out at times. Decent story although the diologue could use a bit of work. Overall I give it 4/5 and it would be even better if you 40Ked the lego a bit. Top stuff.


40king lego is no easy task, especially since the majority of my lego is about 5000miles away
yeah, saddly voice acting is nt my strong point and windows movie maker seems to mess things up in edditing, but next time it should be better.

Well I look forward to the next one, definately fun and entertaining to watch.


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