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Magos Jardine

More Pics

T:61 (84)
Ld: 47

Equipment: Bionic Enchancement Right Arm (strength 61). Nero-Skeletal upgrade (indicated by higher toughness value, does not apply for toxic effects eg: Gas).
Modififed Conversion field:
Gives 2d6 points of protection to all locations. However, instead of converting the absorbed energy to light, it stores it and releases it kenetically, over a longer period of time, producing a recognisable deep thumping noise. for every 2 points of damage the shield absorbs, it pulses rythmically for a turn, allowing all characters within 2d10+amount of damage absorbed yards to hear it without requiring a test, hearing beyond this range should be decided by the GM).
Automatic Combat Shotgun, with a Shot Selector, loaded with 5 executioner rounds, 5 Flecette rounds (do d6+2 damage). and 10 Solid Slugs.
Gravition Pistol: A smaller version of the Gravition Gun, the Gravition pistol uses the same field technology, to create a localized annomaly to pin the enemy to the ground. It has a limited number of shots before the whole system must be recharged.

Type: pistol Range:B Mode:Single Acc:- Dam:- Shots:4 Rld: -
A character hit by a graviton gun suffers no damage. However, he counts as being
stunned for a number of turns equal to 3D6+3 minus one-tenth of his Strength, to a
minimum of one turn.

Skills and Abilities:
Left Handed
Any Ideas on Abilities that'd suit?

Background unfinished as of yet. If anyone has the one I posted on the old conclave I'll be very greatful.
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Re: Techno-Viking-Priest
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A technoviking with a graviton gun.

gotta love it  :)
I had better point out, that some of the clubs I represent are of a military bent.

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Re: Techno-Viking-Priest
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I'm rather pleased that I managed to work in the TechnoMusic :D