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Re: The Revised Inquisitor Armoury
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I plan on revisiting the fear system in IRE to try to more accurately establish why characters are scary.
- If the character has a dangerous reputation, then any Nerve tests he causes have a penalty.
- If a character is just straight up unnerving to be around, then other characters take a hit to their Nv in the vicinity, regardless of the source.
- If a character is scary because he can obviously tear you limb from limb if you get too close, then getting or staying close inside his melee range requires a Nv test. (Think how the Fearsome/Terrifying rules actually work, rather than how they're usually applied. Expect to see this on characters like Space Marines and Orks. In this case, the cancellation makes sense, as that big burly Ork has a lot less reason to be scared of charging a Space Marine than a Guardsman does).
The likes of Simo Hayha (a Finnish sniper with over 500 confirmed kills) are certainly scary, and when scaled up to 40k levels, it's perfectly possible to see how someone could qualify for something like that through reputation. However it does seem strange that people would be overly keen to get away from him. I'd feel much better in arms reach of him, where I can see him. Definitely seems a good idea to have the effect depend on the source.

(A scientist develops a chemical that can dissolve anything. What does he keep it in?).
Just dig a hole and let New Zealand take care of it. Not our problem.

As far as Jax, dying stops her regeneration on game timescales. Her blood is a catalyst for her regeneration, so extreme bloodloss or damage to the heart or brain slows her regeneration to less than 1% of its normal rate. That said, her regeneration is still a very formidable warp-fueled effect. I'm not quite sure I'd call it psychic, as it's an unconscious effect with no apparent mechanism (making it somewhat akin to Crotalid migration), but she routinely breaches conservation of mass by regrowing large parts of her body, and her soul and mind seem to remain entirely intact through death.
(It also serves as a limiting factor that stops her lost body parts trying to regenerate into clones of her. In cases of massive trauma, her regeneration seems to mostly work on the largest remaining part*).
Out of curiosity, what would it take to kill her permanently? Cremation? A force weapon? An Alpha Plus Psyker? Throwing her into a star? A black hole? I mean, the last one certainly seems like a sure fire way to stop her been a threat anymore.

Trying to telepathically influence Helane is to try to control one of the strongest-willed people in the Imperium, plus open your mind to a furiously powerful machine intellect.
There are plenty of problems with Abnett's work, but I rather like the scene in Hereticus where they try to shut down a titan psychically. Apart from the concept of using a runestaff to enhance a null, which seems a bit strange.

'We use it to boost our collaborating minds. Force a way into the machine's consciousness.'
'Indeed. And then?'
I glanced over at Alizebeth. 'The Madam Bequin takes hold of the runestaff and delivers her untouchable blankness into the heart of it.'
'Will that work?' Kara Swole asked.
There was a long pause.
Bequin looked at me and then at Rassi. 'I don't know. Will it?'
'I don't know either,' I said. 'But I think it's the best chance we have.'
Raise breathed deeply. 'So be it. I don't see another hope, not even a remote one. Let's get on with it.'

In the rank confines of the chapel, Bequin leapt forward and grabbed the runestaff from the hands of two inquisitors who were quivering with power, stress and terror, our eyes rolled up blankly so that only the whites showed. She gripped the runestaff, focused her untouchable force and-

She was killed.
Not at once of course. The backrip of the Titan's terrible sentience tore into her, overwhelmed her untouchable quality by dint of its sheer force, and broke her mind. Electrical discharge crackled down the shaft of my runestaff, throwing Rassi and myself away and blasting Alizebeth back across the chapel. The scorch marks are still visible on the uncorruptible: the perfectly etched fingerprints of Poul Rassi, Gregor Eisenhorn and Alizebeth Bequin. Nayl told me afterwards that the psychic recoil had tossed Rassi and myself to either side like dolls, but the main force had been directed at Bequin. She had flown though the air a dozen metres, her cloak fluttering out and cracked off the back wall of the chapel with a sound that Nayl knew meant snapping bones.

Certainly not something to be advised.

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Re: The Revised Inquisitor Armoury
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GAU-8 firing bofors 3P at 4-6000rpm... That's something il see in my nightmares thanks for that.
As much as I love the visual design of titans, there are various elements I wanted to add up slightly more.

The Vulcan has at times been described as a very inaccurate and indiscriminate weapon, which to me sounded wrong for a weapon that will frequently be required to engage varied targets at ranges of multiple kilometres using a limited onboard ammunition capacity.
Hence, I re-imagined the Solemne variants of the Vulcan as much more precise and versatile weapons than the Mars Pattern they're based off. (Albeit also cutting the ammunition capacity further, but I wanted it to actually fire believably sized rounds and have a capacity that could feasibly be loaded into the ammunition hoppers).

In my head, a skilled Titan crew would be capable of putting together complex firing solutions that make full use of the multi-fuse and the high rate of fire to rapidly eliminate mixed enemy formations. For example, a solution could use direct hits against armoured vehicles combined with airbursts at varied distances to maximise the per-round lethality versus supporting infantry. The Solemne MkVIII Vulcan is capable of anything up to 4,020 rpm, so a ~1 second burst can put around sixty rounds down-range (there is some spool-up time), enough to combat a pretty large threat before they really have any chance to react (and with considerably more precision than a conventional artillery strike).

well I think the imperium is probably a dark enough place that spraying a few thousand outerhive scum or a few thousand mutants with a weapon that causes chemical burns and eats through your lungs wouldn't be an put of the norm response
While I agree that the Imperium probably has some very dark responses to riots, indiscriminately spraying around highly corrosive acids in the ramshackle, barely-held together heap of junk that is a hive sounds a little off to me. Generally, it's better when entire districts don't have a rusted-through colander for a floor.

That's probably legally a firearm in the uk
The guy in question is Canadian, but if it were in the UK, it probably wouldn't be a firearm, despite the muzzle energy being somewhere over 400 ft-lbs.

A prosecutor would have a very hard time arguing that a semi-immobile combination of large capacitor banks, high current cabling and a reinforced steel chamber (that has to be completely unbolted and partially rebuilt after each shot) was intended (or could even be used) as a weapon, which is a key part of the definition of what's counted as a firearm.

It's probably more accurately considered like the various air cannons and light gas guns in UK universities (used for impact simulation), which don't get considered as firearms simply because you couldn't practically shoot anyone with them.

Out of curiosity, what would it take to kill her permanently?
Broadly the same kind of thing that it would take to kill a daemon prince permanently. Basically, extreme psychic damage.

Her immortality, while she's not a psyker, is all still eventually tied into her soul serving as the fuel, mechanism and blueprint to restore her physical form. So it ultimately comes down to what methods work for destroying a soul powerful enough that it can remain coherent without a physical body.

Of course, aside from that being no mean feat itself (Lexicanum's list is probably not exhaustive, but it only lists three daemons known or believed to have suffered true death), this is all out-of-character information. In-universe, the limits of her regeneration are much more poorly studied and understood (even by herself, let alone her enemies) than the vulnerabilities of daemons.

There are plenty of problems with Abnett's work, but I rather like the scene in Hereticus where they try to shut down a titan psychically. Apart from the concept of using a runestaff to enhance a null, which seems a bit strange.
Certainly not something to be advised.
Well, Cruor Vult is an extreme example, being at least corrupted (if not outright possessed) and with a data-link saturated with the taint of millennia of horrific acts and twisted pilots.

Leander's link is probably a bit more vulnerable and probably wouldn't have quite such devastating feedback, but it's clearly not going to be a massive weak spot. I might reward a suitably creative solution with some disruption of the link, but I can promise that any uninspired attempts to use Puppet Master on Helane and thus take control of a Titan are not going to go well.
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Re: The Revised Inquisitor Armoury
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that makes sense for the Vulcan and the power of the titan being able to use its weapons to best effect I cant see a titans Vulcan megabolter just dumping rounds.

For the BaneTorch I can see it being used in a crowded open space type situation of a gathering in a main square rather than the crowded hive area and would assume that stone or other building materials would be too thick or the wrong material to dissolve or for there to be some sort of easily deployed clean up agent post riot.

Yeah I see your point about the weapon requirement but it would have to go to court to pass the not a weapon exemption and wouldn't be something I'd bet on personally. Its an impressive piece of engineering.

As for the titan I'd honestly try for something like massive data overload to fry the link rather than a puppet master approach