Author Topic: House Nepotem's Discurrereur Gladiators  (Read 101 times)

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House Nepotem's Discurrereur Gladiators
« on: July 08, 2022, 02:30:47 PM »
You all know youths, with their outfits and their gangs and their hyperviolence - shocking behaviour.
Tanner and Calm Nepotem venture out into the Hive for some light entertainment, accompanied by House Champion Imrod Yedharo.

The twins:

Calm will have the adjacent skull mask (not unlike her predecessor Andaini). The plan is that she can be Andaini-adjacent if necessary, but most importantly a mask and veil saves me from mucking around with face work.
She gets a precision rifle rested at a jaunty angle, and a little hair re-sculpting to make it natural.

Tanner I am undecided about - he'll get a Batman belt and some head modifications, but I'm not concrete on whether it is a helmet, mask, or try and make one of my spare Inq heads work.

The bodyguard:

Imrod is coming pretty much as is - I like the sculpt and I don't want to bodge wires and junk on there and obscure it.
He's from Yedharo Models, I company I know roughly nothing about.

In all cases, like Bones before them, I'm going for a clean silhouette rather than gubz galore.