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Just before I start, I literally had no idea where to put this. I eventually narrowed it down to here or the community news forum. If it's in the wrong place, that's why.

So, did the old 'clave have any sort of play-by-post game going on? Does the current Conclave have one that I haven't found? If not, might I suggest one, or at least a thread to gauge interest (which might as well be this one, I guess)?

Basically, play-by-post is an RPG that's played on a forum or board. Simple as that, although there generally needs to be some consensus regarding what medium dice rolls take, minimum posting frequency, etc.

Those who also play DnD or like humerous webcomics may know of the GiantITP forum, which utilises PbP games a lot, but for those that don't, I enclose a useful hyperlink: Guide to Play by Post games.

You could view our RPs in the In Character forum as a subset of what you're asking. It'd be an interesting idea to have a RP dictated by dice rolls.

For what you're asking though, I don't think a play-by-post thing ever took off, but that just means you can start your own...

I think that the PbP style is a little harder to carry off, especially since it relies on players being able to constantly check the board to keep the game running - it's even more time- and attention-intensive than the currently common narrative style.
Since The Conclave's population is rather smaller than it was back in the mists of time, it just doesn't work as well.
Still, if you reckon you're up to GMing one, go ahead - it'd be good if it worked.

Rght, okay. I'm not sure about GMing one myself, though. Oh well, since this is clearly a quite alien concept to the Conclave I may start up my own.. when I have a bit more experience.

Inquisitor Cade:
I had an idea that sounds a lot like this. Basically an IC thread run by the 'GM' but each of the 'players' instead of just writing what happens with thier character sends the GM a private message, or a message on the OOC thread with what the character attempts then the GM writes up the characters actions and the outcome on the IC thread.

The GM could even have a board set up and take photo's to follow the game. The only thing I'd have said is that the GM might not need to use dice, he could make judgement calls based on what is likely and what is dramatic.

In fact I think I might start a thread to see if anyone is up for an experiment along these lines.


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