Author Topic: The regiments of Karis Cephalon  (Read 10308 times)


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Re: The regiments of Karis Cephalon
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2009, 12:32:27 AM »
I'd say they look most like the enclosed INQ Enforcer helmet

Yeah I had trouble sourcing a decent pic online- thankfully I have a good collection of old WDs, including the one with Lucretia Bravus' profile and piccies.

So yeah she was the inspiration for the choice of helmet (well observed!). I will probably GS the vents smooth to be more accurate ;)

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Re: The regiments of Karis Cephalon
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In Let The Galaxy Burn, there's a Gav Thorpe short story about Karis Cephalon, which describes the SSA Enforcers as wearing full helmets and body armour, and carrying either shotguns or "heavy pistols" and shock mauls. I would definitely go with those helmets - very fitting.
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