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Seeing as we lost the previous Conclave, nobody knows where anybody lives anymore, and we have a sudden influx of new 'Clavers, I think it's about time we started this thread back up again, but with a few slight changes

I'll update this post as more people post underneath with people's usernames, their most local GW is, and wherever they play Inquisitor the most (clubs, houses etc). I'll start off, so as you all know I'm not some creepy stalker who will come round your house at night and make little greenstuff figurines of you in your sleep. Maybe.

Kudos to Lacerto for putting this snazzy map together for us! Keep your locations rolling in folks!


Local games club - Kormas
GW (unpatronised) Newcastle - Chromedog, Play Inquisitor at local club (Cessnock Slayers) in the Hunter Valley
GW Camberwell Battle Bunker/Victoria - Eziah Kranox
GW Gravatt - (Brisbane area/Queensland) - Nemesis
GW Preston/Melbourne/Victoria - PIB7788
Sydney - Gaston/Andrew


GW Antwerp - (Louvain/Leuven) - Adeptus Noob
GW Antwerp - Fugitivus
GW Liège - Koval
Flanders - Sint-Genius-Rode/Rhode-St-Genèse - Darthvegeta800


Barnsley - Adam Cunis - Sheffield, Meadowhall, Wakefield, Leeds, York and WHW easily accessible
Brighton - Jediknight129
Brighton - TheNephew
Derbyshire - Mike Blake
Essex/London - BeardMonk
Essex - Gregor Eisenhorn
Falmouth, Cornwall - Almundis/Christian Smith

GW Aylesbury / Oxford, currently in Bicester, Oxon - Tyrant
GW Angel - PedroTheEmprah
GW Bath - GS_Gav -  co-run Wargaming @ Radstock
GW Bath - (Somerset) - Olis - co-run Wargaming @ Radstock
GW Bedford - Lord Borak
GW Bradford - Necris
GW Bristol (The Mall)/ Chepstow GW independant/ GW Newport - Hugh Jarse
GW Bristol - (Somerset Sternguard at Insane Games in Bridgewater) - duffybear1988
GW Cambridge/Aberystwyth - Shard
GW Cambridge/GW Covent Garden - Koval
GW Cambridge (holiday) - Simeon Blackstar
GW Cambridge - Adlan
GW Chester - Draco Ferox
GW Colchester - Redsunz2000
GW Coventry/Birmingham/Leamington Spa - Macabre - anywhere in the West Midlands really
GW Coventry - Nakartai, Durham termtime, Newcastle is fine too.
GW Cheltenham - Preconctomega - Cheltenham Warchiefs wargaming club
GW Darlington - Acolyte Havlan Tome
GW Derby/Nottingham/WHW - Kasthan
GW Dudley - Tullio
GW Durham - Dvil - I play Inquisitor at my house mainly
GW Durham/Newcastle - Nate
GW Hemel Hempstead - MarcoSkoll -  Inquisitor is played mostly around friends' houses
GW Ipswich - Redsunz2000
GW Kensington - Flinty - Looking for Group!
GW Kingston / South-west London - malachi seeleschneider
GW Leeds - Keravin, has mostly INQ28
GW Leeds - Ventriss - near Halifax, can get to most of the places Dosdamt can.
GW Leicester (term) - Sideros Peltarion
GW Leicester (term) - Simeon Blackstar
GW Lincoln - Sumaki
GW Lincoln - karandras_sh, does his INQ gaming at WHW
GW Lincoln - mattausten86
GW Liverpool - Ancelyn
GW Liverpool - JoelMcKickass - should be in GW once a week
GW Liverpool / Nottingham - mcjomar, has car, will travel!
GW Macclesfield - Lacerto, Tuesday evenings in Stockport are ideal (
GW Maidstone/bluewater - Stormgrad
GW Middlesbrough - RobSkib
GW Middlesbrough - Tyrius/Simon
GW Milton Keynes - Tyrant - could also get to Hemel.
GW Milton Keynes - Lord Borak
GW Newcastle - janton - South Northumberland
GW Nottingham - PM102 - Newcastle in the holidays
GW Nottingham - Magos Exarratus - can make the city GW or WHW easily
GW Nottingham - Bloodpact, plays there every wednesday night
GW Nottingham - N0-1_H3r3
GW Nottingham/London - Gideon Sterne - Last played Inquisitor at an meetup at WHW
GW Northampton - Radu Lykan/Gary
GW Norwich - Aurelius 12, does most of his gaming at home or at UEA
GW Oxford - Denzein
GW Oxford - Lucaren
GW Peterborough - Molotov - tend to play round each other's houses
GW Peterborough - Zirone - Usually in on wednesdays and thursdays
GW Preston - Kaled  - Normally play at WHW, and am trying to arrange more games in the north-west.
GW Preston - McFlufferson
GW Preston - Bruticus
GW Preston - Cortez
GW Portsmouth (holiday) - Sideros Peltarion
GW Reading - Zasapamasawasa
GW Romford/Lakeside - BeardMonk - central London.
GW Shrewsbury - The_fire_cleans, has a campaign planned for January
GW Southend - Kamikaze Watermelon
GW Thurrock - Theemperorswill - Basildon/Essex.
GW Truro - Almundis
GW Walsall/Burton-on-trent - Omegastick
GW Walsal - Knobby2
GW Worcester - Lornas Welt - down there every Thursday
GW Worcester / Great Malvern - Jamas Orian

Hague - DapperAnarchist
Huyton - Spider-pope (can travel to Liverpool or North West fairly easily)
Leeds - Navarr, can make as far as Bradford and York
Leeds - Keravin, mostly INQ28
Leeds - wargame_insomniac
London - Lord Borak
London, Bethnal Green - Inshabel
London, Homerton/Hackney - Hadriel Caine
London, Chalk Farm - PedroTheEmprah
London/Essex - BeardMonk
North London - Gnaeus Conlitor - LFG
Mansfield KIA Gaming Club/WHW - InqMefisto
Newcastle/Northumberland - Killcrazy
Walsall - Knobby2 (can travel to GW Birmingham, GW Walsall, GW Burton on Trent, GW Sutton and WHW)
West Yorkshire - Loki1986


Guelph, Ontario - Zakkeg, known to pop in to Dragon (FLGS/club). Still a Player, regardless of what he thinks :)
Montreal - ass end of nowhere - FutureCam
Moncton - (New Brunswick) - Xantcha
Vancouver - Dosdamt


Aalborg - Obetor/Erik - member of TRoA
GW Copenhagen or Faraos Cigare - Dullmohawk


GW Reims - Nash - only play at home or at my friends'
Toulouse, South of France - Kebekoi
Vosges - Inquisitor Le Baron Fou/The Mad Baron


GW Karlsruhe/Freiburg - viper_eX - mostly play at home or at the store
GW Stuttgart/tübingen - Darios
GW Mannheim / Boehl-Iggelheim - Phil-O-Mat
GW Oberhausen CentrO - Cedup - played all his Inquisitor games at home


GW Dublin - Venturi - Usually plays at a friend's house


GW Ferrara & GW Bologna - Arsenico13

Northern Ireland

GW Belfast - rourke/Michael Robinson, plays at Bad Company club in bangor.

New Zealand

Discy - LFG
Christchurch - Dust King
Christchurch - adsnz


GW Carlisle / Dumfries - GAZKUL, Usually game at home with friends
GW Carlisle / Dumfries - Alta, Usually game at home with friends
GW Edinburgh - Inquisitor Cade - games are played in the Edinburgh flat
GW Edinburgh - catferret
Elgin, Moray - Van Helser - mostly play Inquisitor at WHWH
GW Fife - bcullum
GW Glasgow - Heroka Vendile
GW Glasgow / Lanark - Consulaire
Highlands, Sutherland - Inquisitor Vale


Alingsås/Borlänge - Ismeno/Patrik
GW Stockholm - (Borlange, Dalarna) - Psycho/Kerby
GW Stockholm - (Uppsala, north of Stockholm) - Bergtorp
GW Stockholm - (Nynäshamn) - Trasher


GW Lyon / Geneva - Ulgavitch


Boone, NC - Kodecks
Brooklyn, NY - The Reaper
Cleveland, Ohio - Backyardpatrol
Gaithersburg MD- (halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC) - Inquisitor Maltheus
GW Layton, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Alyster Wick
GW Preston Ridge, Dallas, Texas - Doomaflatchi
GW Springfield/Fairfax/Sterling VA/Annapolis/Hanover/Olney MD - Alyster Wick
GW Oakridge, San Jose, CA - Colonel Marbi Chora
Indianapolis - gwurlz
Massachusetts - The Emperor's Chosen
Minnesota - Easy E
Nevada - WashedDread, nearest GW probably California
Oregon - Lucidum

Aberystwyth - Howard A Treesong, West Wales.
Tenby, West Wales - Dragon Alley in Pembroke is nearest - renegade thor

Western Australia

GW Perth - Inq Leonite
GW Perth - Swarbie
GW Perth - Fanir Jormungandur

Well done Rob, I was going to start one of these myself as the last list was a long way out of date.

Kaled - GW Preston (not that I ever go in there) - Normally play at WHW, and am trying to arrange more games in the north-west.

I'm mostly found near GW Hemel Hempstead, and Inquisitor is played mostly around friends' houses.

Van Helser:
Van Helser - Elgin, Moray, Scotland

Bizarrely, I play most of my Inquisitor at WHWH...

GS_Gav: local to GW Bath. co-run The 'Ers Wargaming, Westfield


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